Saturday, January 21

Going Gung ~Ho With Dehydrator Ideas

Did you all know; we can dehydrate eggs to reuse  for breakfast or even baking. Yes sir ree!

I did a search on it this morning and found a blog very helpful in this matter. Check it out 

I seem to have extra eggs for a change and rather than having them go to waste, I'm going to dehydrate them and place them in the cupboard with my other goods.

My only question on this article is what is the shelf life once dehydrated; anyone know?

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Paula said...

Wow~ I never thought of using my dehydrator like that! Thanks for the heads-up, Mel, I'll have to check this site out.
I don't know about the shelf life, but I would think if you kept them in an air-tight container they would keep for a pretty long time. When I make beef jerky I vacuum-seal and it will keep for several months.