Friday, January 20

Granite Came In ~ Being Cut To Fit

This is the corner piece that will snuggle into the NW corner of the counter and wind around to the stove. The machine hanging above the slab is the cutter, the copper tube you see is a handle, sort of a steering wheel that will be guided around the front edge of the granite to form the pattern of a bull nose.
This is a really nice photo of the island slab, if you look (real close) you see they just skimmmed the surface with the cutter on a small edge.

This piece is for the SW side of the counter, here you can see they have formed the shape at the front of the sink area, you can also see the colors a little bit better on this photo.

They called early this afternoon and ask if they could come first thing Monday to install the granite.

Stay Tuned


Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

Oh my! you lucky gal......
my daughter has granite--I love it!
you are so lucky!!!!

Eggs In My Pocket said...

Such a pretty color. Glad you got it in! blessings,Kathleen

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