Thursday, January 26

Update on Kitchen remodel

Six men and a few hours later...

This is the new faucet
The Island
I went to Home Depot last night and picked up the tile and all the supplies to install it. Hopefully, we'll get to it this weekend.
I'm so happy with my new kitchen, it is so much lighter and brighter than the old black counters. The faucet will take some getting used to, it works so much different from the ordinary faucets.

I'm sure you'll all see the kitchen in future photo's by then the tile will be up.

Have a wonderful night


Paula said...

It looks gorgeous, Mel! I LOVE the new faucet!

Mel said...

Thank you Ms. Paula,

My grandson also loves the new faucet! He states it is just like the one the cafeteria lady uses to spray off the lunch trays... LOL

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

that is some fancy faucet! I could do a lot of things with a faucet like that. Love the countertops!
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