Sunday, December 18

Only Seven Days.... Christmas

Not done shopping yet! Must get out there and fight the crowds to gather last minute gifts.

We do have a dusting of snow... finally! Today, brings light and bright skies, with very cold temps, some places near by got to -9* F, however, we remained above the negative numbers we are 9* F. expecting the low 20's for a high. We'll settle for it, if that means a white Christmas.

Feeling somewhat better, so going to pick up one of hubbies surprises, the store is holding it for me.

Have a great day!


Paula said...

I just finished up my shopping/errands today~ I'm finally done! YAY!
Be careful out there, Mel... people are a little crazy this time of year. :)
Hope you and yours have a wonderful Christmas!

Mel said...

Thanks Paula, yes, it is hectic this time of year with all the procrastinaters (like me)will be careful.

Just have a few last minute items, then wrapping it all this Friday.

Right back at you and yours,
Have a Blessed Christmas!

Vickie said...

Hey, I still have a couple of things to get and then I'm done. Maybe I can go out tomorrow and finish.

Its been raining here since late yesterday afternoon. I need some more sunshine so I can work outside some more. The front is done now to get the leaves in the back. Then to start on the dreaded kudzu vines.

Love Ya :)