Friday, December 16

Under The Weather

No matter how hard you try to escape these things, they sneak right up on you... I have limited my outings, as it seemed, wherever I did go people were coughing.

Then our grandkids brought it home, and of course, our grandkids love us so much they cannot stay away long.

Nor can we stay away from them for very long.

So, I have the cough, and with asthma as an added extra, a very tight chest.

It really is ironic sometimes how stuff works; though. Yesterday, after I posted, I checked out Jerry Bakers blog and what did he have posted.... How to fight the flu... I kid you not!

His link is posted on my blog, if you are under the weather, you may want to know how to combat the symptoms.

Let me know if anyone of you have tried any of these things, and do they really work.



Vickie said...

Hey Cuz, I hope you're feeling better. I went to Jerry Baker's blog and that reminded me of a soup I read about I think last year. It was a soup with lots of garlic to fight a cold and flu.

If you make a pot of chicken noodle soup and add lots of garlic to it add some cayenne pepper also. That is also suppose to be very good for respitory problems.

I've also heard grating up a little ginger and putting it in hot tea is suppose to be good.

Love Ya :)

Mel said...

Thanks Vick,

I do have my voice back today... up most of the night coughing.

Chicken soup is on the menu, and yes a couple cloves of garlic will go into the pot.

Should be on the mend after all this garlic, just hope I don't smell like a bulb of the grand ole remedy. LOL