Tuesday, September 13

A Day We Have Been Waiting For

After 3 years of very hard work, we finally have an abundance of grapes "Frontenac Gris" which makes a white wine with a peach flavor and tropical fruit/ grapefruit undertones.

Should be harvesting in the next week and our grapes will be bought by a local winery. Today, a lady will come from the winery and use a tool to measure the sugar levels using what is called a refractometer.

Out in the vineyard, you would take your meter and from each row of vines you would randomly pick a grape squeeze its juice onto the lens/prism look through an eyepiece at a scale for the sugar ( in wine language brix) reading.

I will ask permission for a few pictures as we walk through the vineyard today with the people who will be purchasing our crop.



Debbi Michiko Florence said...

Wow! Fantastic! Congratulations on your grapes! :)

Mel said...

Hi There,

How are you guys? I'm so happy to see you stop by the blog. It has been a really busy summer, the humid and hot weather has kept us on the (well, me) on the lawn mower, or in the vineyard pruning.

We have a winery that is interested in the grapes, however, the birds are becoming an issue, hopefully, they don't do to much damage.