Sunday, August 28

Longer Nights & Shorter Days

I Just have to ask; "Where did summer go?"

This summer slipped away so fast... It has been a hectic summer for us, with all the humidity and wet weather, our vineyard was growing like weeds; As well as our lawns. The vines required trimmings almost everyday, then there was a fungus issue we fought for a few weeks, got that under control (lost a minimal amount of grapes) thank goodness. Had a problem again this year with Japanese Beatles, that required regular attention, plus we hope the milky spore powder will cut down on their numbers next season.

Happy as a peacock that we will be producing enough and selling them to a local winery, what a rewarding feeling.

My veggie garden did well this year, I finally out smarted the rodent that ate my corn for the past 3 years in a row. I was able to harvest some and freeze it up.... and oh, how sweet it is! The only draw back ~ the rodent has discovered my tomatoes. I picked the bigger ones off the vine green, my plan (keep your fingers crossed, with me) is to lay them all out on the table and as they ripen place them in freezer bags and freeze them. I maybe canning some sauce as well.

Also, for the first time ever, I have 4 cantalope & 3 or 4 Honeydew melons, Mmm can hardly wait to taste my homegrown "organic" melons. Actually, all my vegetables gardening is done using no chemicals of any kind. (one of the reasons I garden) The vineyard is another matter...

Now, that things are being harvested, I should have some extra time to pop in on the computer and blog a little more often.

Stay safe my friends, your in our thoughts and prayers as we wait for this gusty wet weather to pass.

Do stop in and leave a comment, I'm so looking forward to catching up.



Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

I always look forward to summer but I grow weary of HOT weather. Now, I am looking forward to fall. It is my favorite season. The only bad thing about it is that it leads into winter!
Glad to hear the vineyards are a success. We see so many more of them here in Iowa these days.
Never grew melon but love to eat it.
there is an area here where they grow nothing but melons and pumpkins. the soil is very sandy and apparently perfect for growing good melon. it is so super sweet and juicy from there.
the sweet corn has been really good here this year but we didn't put any up. i did can some tomato juice and some tomato soup. made lots of jam. have had bushels of tomatoes despite the drought--gave a lot away!
missed you. hope to hear more from you.

Mel said...

Why hello, so great to hear from you... I have missed blogging, but for some reason; this summer has been hectic.

Look forward to jumping back in the drivers seat and catching up.


Paula said...

It's so good to hear from you, Mel! Yes, this summer has been a blur... time is passing so quickly these days and it seems there are not enough hours in the day. *Sigh*
Hope Irene missed you all...