Saturday, February 26

Okay, Where Is it?

Geesh, woke up yesterday morning to huge snowflakes falling to the ground. Left another 8 inches or so, before it was over. Today, it is just plain ole cold.... BUT, I'm still counting on spring as I've mentioned there are signs all around us.

I do, have my seed catalogs out and even open on the diningroom table. I know, it will be a month before I can even plant most things inside, but.... I'm anxious.

Spring cleaning has begun, after the curtain rod dumped my curtains on my noggin, I figured that was a sign to throw them in the washer, done.... While hanging them up, I spotted a few cob web~sters, of course had to vacuum the ceiling and corners prior to putting the fresh smelling curtains back up. Then, the windows needed to be washed, so that's done. Steam cleaning will get underway sometime next week, I love the smell of clean...

Hope, your all having a warm and fun filled weekend.


Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

Sounds like a rerun of my last week. I saw actual spider webs in my bedroom. Aren't they supposed to die in winter or hibernate or something? Anyway, I busied myself making things during this most recent snow storm. I covered some plastic Easter eggs with strips of fabric. I waxed candles and spiced them up. I rolled some cotton balls. Mike says it's all silly but it has kept me busy and that's better than going stir-crazy!

Gail said...

When you finish there...

Mel said...

Mike sounds like my hubby... hehe
I on the other hand agree with you, staying busy with crafts is "better than going stir crazy!"

The sun is popping in and out today, no wind, temps are approaching 30*F it feels like a heat wave.

Gail, be right over... *LOL*
Actually, I have little to no energy today, the remainder of my spring cleaning will have to wait.

Have a great day Ladies,

Paula said...

I want to do my spring cleaning too, Mel- but I don't know where to start!
(Maybe with the windows, since I can't see out? hehe)
Don't work too hard, Sweetie!

Picket said...

Hey feels like Spring down here today...the redbuds are blooming and my blooming pears are snow white with blooms...I even bought 3 big hanging ferns from Lowes for the back porch...I love Spring. Girl I envy you having all those farm animals and if I was your neighbor you wouldn't have to ask me twice to come over...I'd be thinking of excuses to come play with the chickens..I even tell you I needed to borrow a roll of toilet paper if it'd get me close to the farm animals! lol lol Hang in there girl...Spring will come soon...have a great week...Picket

Vickie said...

Before I answer your question on where it is let me tell you first of all... I LOVE YOU! With that said now I can tell you... spring is here! Again let me tell you... I LOVE YOU! Hang in there cuz it's got to be coming your way soon. Love Ya :)

Paula said...

Mel, just wanted to drop by and let you know I've been missing you!
Hope all is well with you, dear friend!