Wednesday, December 1

What Do You Do... WiTh AlL tHiS wEtNeSs

Why.... I'm gonna grab some left over Pumpkin pie, and sit back in my easiest chair with pie, and coffee, and listen to the rain smashing down on the metal roof.

How about you, what is your weather like today, and how are you going to make the bestest of it?

We are expecting at least 2" of rain today, the wind is howling like a pack of wolves, and this all gives way to snow.... Starting this evening............. Lots of it!

If that doesn't get me motivated to drag the Christmas decor out and get started on placing them around the house, then.... then.... there's no hope.

I guess, even though I'm not crazy about the frigid temps and gusty winter winds, I am a snow bunny....

I get all kinds of kid~ish, when you start seeing winter items on store shelves, like those plastic snow tubes... Buddy, let me tell you, when we get a wet snowfall, those things sail down the hillside, like a monkey slippin' on a banana peel. We have the perfect hill, just out back for this sort of adventure.

What about those new snowball maker thrower thingies, have you seen those babies? Herb Phillipson stores carry them, they are like the tennis ball throwers you can buy to play fetch with your dog. Oh boy, you better build yourself a real good bunker if you intend on a good old fashioned snowball fight. " You could shoot your eye out kid" as they say in the movie, " The Christmas Story."

I hear, a pumpkin pie calling out to me... You all have a blessed day, and don't forget to share what the weather is like where you live, and how you make the best of all this yukkyness...



Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

I am not liking this bitter cold. The older I get, the more it hurts. My bones just ache.
I'm going to hibernate until April!

Mel said...

I'll be right there with you, hibernating...

We (so far) only received about 5 inches of snow, but you can certainly feel the bite in the air. As they say, "winter has arrived."

Hugs, Mel

Country Whispers said...

Well the little bit of snow that we did get is all gone now. Calling for more on Saturday so we are keeping our fingers crossed that we actually get an amount.
Everyone here gets all excited too when it snows!

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

It sounds so cozy! Our leaves just started falling off the trees. My kids really want snow. I hope we get some soon.

Kathleen From Eggs In My Pocket said...

Oh, pumpkin pie??? I want some!!! As for here in Texas, we are as dry as a bone. Just white dusty dust in the air from all of the cotton ginning at this time of year. Enjoy your pie and stay dry and warm. blessings,Kathleen

Vickie said...

Hey Cuz, Got up this morning to 21 degrees. It's now only 26 out and not even to get out of the high 30's today. The furnace hasn't clicked off once since I've gotten up. Oh Peggy got snow Saturday it didn't stick but her kids loved going out and playing in it while it was falling. Colin kept waiting but we only had rain. And yeah he has worn his pj's inside out since then. Love Ya :)

Meadowbrook Cabin Primitives said...

Hi Mel,

Did someone say pumpkin pie .. I love pumpkin pie.. tis a Pennsylvania thing , I think !

Oh , I can relate to those dirt roads and the dairy cows.. I have both out here where I live in west central Pennsylvania !

The wind chill factor is 4 degrees.. and snowing like crazy !


Paula said...

Good mornin' Mel- hope you've dried out by now! Are you getting any snow yet? I thought I heard on the news there was some headed your way....
And I don't know about that snowball thingie, I would lose a body part for sure with something like that! haha
Stay warm dear friend! (And enjoy a piece of pie for me!)

Vickie said...

Hey Cuz, Just thought I would let you know it's been FREEZING down here. The past two mornings going out to the bus stop and it's only like 14 out. I had to go buy the little munchkin a pair of thermal underwear he was complaining of his legs being cold. Oh and get this at 8:00 this morning it was only 14 out and guess who went running out the door in a t-shirt and a pair of shorts. I was yelling get back here and get some clothes on! I heard... Got to go mom my ride is here it's not cold. TEENAGERS! Love Ya :)

Mel said...

Hey everyone,

So good to see you all. Things have really dropped off here, we are currently in a deep freeze -11 wind chill. I heard the news say another snow storm for the weekend, how can it snow with these temps, seems as though it'd be ice chrystals.

Thank God, for a nice warm home, a laptop, and plenty of good eats, and for all of you who stop in for visits.

Winter Blessings,