Thursday, December 9

WhOoOo Who... Honey~ It's freezing outside

It was a pleasant day here today..... Until the sun went down. Was like someone turned off the switch, all of a sudden, the bottom dropped out.

Currently, we are reading 2*F with the wind chill.... feels like -11*F... The snow squeeks with every step you take. The hair in your nose freezes instantly, and your pants feel as if they are packed with ice.... And it's only December.

Do hope, Santa has some good insulated long johns for his tour around the world for Christmas this year.

He may also want to carry a big bag of oats with him for his reindeer, will help them to stay warm and give them the extra energy they need to pull the sleigh. Hmmm, I wonder, does Santa have a GPS........


Lea said...

Brrr baby it IS cold at your house! I was raised in North Eastern South Dakota and remember that *sound* the snow makes when you walk. :) Thanks for the fun memory!! We lived at Clear Lake ... right on the bank of the lake and went ice fishin etc all the time. I'll never forget the sound of cracking ice either. EEEEK.... Even when it was normal and safe I hated that. lol
Bundle up today chicklet. I do hope Santas reindeer get plenty of oats in that weather. Kinda makes me want to watch PRANCER today. ;)
Have a great weekend,
holykisses Lea

Paula said...

BRRRR!! I can't believe how cold it's been here either, Mel... I would gladly take a pair of those longjohns too!