Tuesday, November 9

Sunday Morning Drives..... But Wait, It's........ Saturday

Last Saturday was spectacular, join us as we travel country roads in and around the Adirondack park.
We woke up Saturday morning and noticed ole Jack frost worked all night to spread his white frosting all over the ground and into the tree branches. I just love the first sightings of snow covering the trees, it's so pure and refreshing.
It wasn't long before the paved roads turned into dirt... I so love journeys along dirt roads. As a young girl, growing up in the country hills of Pennsylvania, my mother and I often took to the dirt roads for a morning ride. So, needless to say, as a grown women, I'm nearly in heaven when hubby takes me on these drives.

Thank you, Hubby, for taking time off from all those many things that need to be finished up prior to the true winters arrival.

There are several areas here that you'd expect to see a moose standing in the middle of a pond munching from the bottom greens. But, no moose... Maybe next time.

The dirt road stretches on and on for many miles, can you sit back and just image that a hundred years prior you may have seen a horse and buggy trotting over these roads. Why, back then, this is what our very own neighborhoods may have looked like. It's becoming harder & harder to find secluded forests such as you see here.

I'm so at peace in the forest, I could stay out here until the cows come home......
Cows, did I hear someone say Cows.... Ask and you shall receive.

As we pop out of the woods, and into more populated areas, I decided I'd finally get some pictures of some of the old barns around our countryside.

You can see we are back on paved roads and moving right along (fuzzy image) the smoother roads. I love barns, just as much, as I love dirt roads. Always makes me think about the people who built them. Although, I don't know them personally, I know, that back in the day, when they built some of these old barns, many people gathered together, and worked long and hard cutting down trees, then cutting those trees to make the beams and boards, waiting for all the green wood to dry and then erecting what we see as dairy barns, carriage barns, and even homes, much like our own...Here's a beauty, look at the rock foundation, this one is in great shape, she'd make a beautiful post and beam home...

Hope, you all have enjoyed following along with me on this journey through my neck of the woods. I'm so pleased to have you stop by, don't foget, to let me know you came along for the ride.


Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

Like our Sunday drives as kids!I loved every minute of it. I love barns and abandoned farm houses. They make great subjects for pictures! Great memories! Thanks... ★Linda★

scrappy quilter said...

Looks like a wonderful Sunday drive. I always enjoy ours too. We woke up this morning to winter wonderland. Nice to be back and visiting you. Hugs

Paula said...

Such beautiful pictures, Mel!! It looks like a Winter Wonderland! And I love the barns... I can't help but take pictures of all the ones I see, too- I often wonder of the stories they could tell!
Hugs, dear friend,

Mel said...

HI Ladies,

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a note that you were here.
Sorry, I haven't been quite the blogger I once was. Had a really tuff time with the Golfers elbow, still going to physical therapy 2 x a week and I'm thrilled to say, It's "almost" back to normal, just taking it easy with typing.

I love you all, and so look forward to your visits.

Kathleen From Eggs In My Pocket said...

Nothing better than to take a long drive like this! Such beautiful and restful scenes! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! blessings,Kathleen

Heidi said...

Hi Mel! It is good to be back in blogland and thanks for the welcome back. I am glad the move will be behind us now soon when the last thing are done. Life can get back to normal.

Thank you for taking me on this drive with you. I love driving out in the countryside here in Holland. We so love looking at the old Dutch farms or seeing the animals out in the polders. You can see some of the Dutch countryside at times on my other blog TheCranberryChronicle. Frost is just beautiful, isn't it!?!

Hugs from Holland ~