Tuesday, October 19

Frosty Was Here.... and Some Great Rummage Items Found

If you look close at his fingertips, you can see a layer of frost... It was a balmy 30*F here at the weee hours of the morning.

No need to squint on this one, you can clearly see the thick frosty layers on the roof tops... and fence rails.
It's comin my dearest of friends, our local news is forecasting snow... Perhaps, later this week, in our area. Oh, I'm so not ready for winter, our summer was just not long enough...

I have to share some of my yard sale finds with you. Our youngest daughter, grandbaby, and myself were out a few weeks back driving around to some yard sales. I had a list that I had copied down of the ones that struck my interest. We had driven all over this beautiful countryside from one end and then at daughters pleas, to the other end. As we were getting ready to call it a day, Jamie(daughter) used her handy dandy cell phone to find one last sale. Now, we had to drive about 25 miles northwest of where we were at, But, it paid off.... Let me show you, may I!

We drove up and parked the car, and see lots of goodies... in a plastic tote, buried under old canning jars with the metal snap lids, is this crock. All I could see was the brown rim, until; I moved all the other items aside. Thrilled to pieces, with that tickley feel within me, I snatched it up, nearly ran to the lady running the sale and asked the price. Before I could even get it all out, she said $2........ $2...... can you believe it? I brought her home, placed her on my TJmaxx stool with the towel that came from Linda over at ParkersParadise as one of her give away items.

Then, after taking it to the car, I came back to the sale and see a man coming out of a cellar stairwell with this box full of more (assorted sizes) boxes.

Little, did I know, what exactly was inside the bigger box, holy moly............ look at this....

This is just one of the litte boxes found inside, it is from a Tabacco company in Ohio, Oh wait, it gets even better....... check it out........

Glued on the bottom of these little drawer style boxes, are paper tabacco coupons. This one in particular, the coupons are all in one piece, some of the others have tears in them..... Guess, how much................. once again, I asked the lady what she was wanting for the box of boxes.............. $2 a little weak in the knees, I asked; $2 and handed over $3 told her to keep the change. Now, in the meantime, I carry this box of boxes back to my car, now having to fold down a seat to make room, my daughter is still looking at spots what she sees as a deal ( an exercising thingy, I think, she said a P90X, I'm really not sure it is called) she is trying to get into shape as she would like to join the military, so she buys her thing for $10.

While she is paying for her stuff, up from the cellar comes this one armed extra wide seat.

In the back of my head, I'm thinking; "where would I put her, do I really need this, No, but I must, She deserves a really warm home...." So, for only $10 she is mine. I almost feel quilty, that I got it for only $10.... I have moved her around a few times, and for now, she is on the landing of our stairs. I cannot even begin, to tell you how solid she is, or how comfy. Someone at one time recovered it, did a wonderful job... I would not have noticed, except for the upholstery tacks that are exposed on the front. The only other thing that is not original is a screw in the back (must be to steady the arm) left side.
Would any of you know the correct name of this chair and about when it came out?
Not bad for a day out surfing yardsale.... Is it!

Somehow, the frost outside isn't that bad either...... For, I have much to do inside my cozy home to keep me warm and busy.

Here, are a few projects, I have to work on, the first, is actually, off the bottom of a window sill at a house we re-did, I collected this and thought of making a shelf out of it.

What are your thoughts?

Last, is a frame, I found buried in our loft, under a lot of dust ... I have a few ideas... One in particular is to stencil on the wall "Family Gathers Here" (above the frame) hang frame on the wall, then inside it ( with some scrapbook backgrounds) place some black & white photo's of kids/grandkids.

Again, any other thoughts, are always welcome....

Hope, you all had a great visit today, I look forward to you all visiting my blog, please come by anytime, there's always a warm welcome awaiting.

Many Blessings,


Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

I love brown crockery pieces. I only have a couple pieces but I love them. And I also have a passion for old wood boxes. I used wood cheese boxes to make little shadow box type shelves for my smaller enamel ware mugs and for old metal spice boxes. I saw a cabinet made from wood cheese boxes as drawers on a set of small shelves. I turned one on its side and added plywood dividers to keep shoes in by the door. Boxes are so functional. I love that the stickers are there on your tobacco box. ;=) ★Linda★

Julie Marie said...

Hello Mel... thank you so much for visiting me at my blog... yours is lovely, I need to go back and read your older post. Wow! What wonderful finds! I love your old crock, and those boxes are fabulous! Love your country lifestyle too... xoxo Julie Marie

Ellan said...

It made me happy to read about your great finds. That chair is very very nice.