Tuesday, October 5


We have had such a wet and chilly fall so far. Last Friday we received 10 inches of rain, this caused rivers, lakes and ponds to overflow. Some roads were closed as the fast water ripped them up or out.

Our house, is at a higher level, plus we live about a mile in from the river, so we don't have to be concerned with flooding in our backyard. However, it just doesn't want to dry up, the rains have started once again and will stay until sometime Thursday.

I spent the day with our youngest daughter J and our youngest granddaughter Z. We started out looking for pumpkins, no patches around here, so we stopped in at a Mennonite Country Store. The pumpkins, squash, goards, cornstalks, all neatly placed on the front porch, so we chose a few pumpkins and went inside to get a cart. As we walked inside, it smelled like freshly made banana bread. Now, this place had everything you can imagine (most of it handmade) anything from baked goods, to hand sewn dresses, to pure maple syrup from local farms all around our area. Hubby, loves the real deal when it comes to maple syrup, none of that processed, high fructose corn syrup, syrup for him...

As a matter of fact, we usually purchase a few quarts to place in gift baskets for family at Christmas time. We also have a store about 20 miles from us in a town called Croghan that makes and sells, homemade cheeses, cheese curd, and the famous Croghan Bologna, which also makes up a nice basket with a local bottle of wine to finish it off.

At any rate, J, Z, and I set out for pumpkins and ended up taking a 66 mile country drive (huge loop) which... put the baby to sleep and almost put her mommy to sleep also. Okay, I also started to feel sleepy, thank goodness, we were closing in on home... The sights were just beautiful, trees are all at peek right now, we even drove into some sunshine, ahh, that felt so good, I didn't want to leave it.

Having grown up in the country, it runs in my veins, I love drives, ones that you can just drive at your own pace and take in all that God has blessed us with. As we were going right along, J & I (at the same time) saw a sign that read Memorial Forest........ being the adventure seekers that we are, we decided to drive down the long and very narrow road. The trees were planted in lots and each group marked with the species of tree they are. It was so relaxing, and reminded me of when my mother used to take me on country roads as a young child.

Now, I have to say, my two girls, love the country way of life, just like their mom. Our oldest daughter, prefers those rural routes over main roads anyday. Our youngest, loves the parks and forests.... Hubby & I, are truely blessed with two great daughters and 5 wonderful grandkids...

Actually, we have so much to be thankful for....



Paula said...

Good mornin' Mel- I hope things have dried up a little for you by now!
I love love love to go to the Mennonite store- we have one a couple of hours from here- the baked goods and cheeses they sell are out of this world.
And yes, we all have much to be thankful for... God is so good!

Vickie said...

Hey Cuz, I wish we had a Mennonite store around here. I would love some good cheese! Memorial Forest sounds like a neat place to visit. Where was your CAMERA??? It would be nice if more places put up the species of the trees it's hard trying to guess what some are. You and the girls will have to go back to visit again. Love Ya Cuz :)