Wednesday, September 22

Wednesday Bargains

I believe, my favorite day has to be changed from Saturdays to Wednesdays. (My day to go thrifting at the Salvation Army and second hand shops.) Somedays of course are better than others, however, last week, I hit it big, take a look...

Strolling along in "The Thrifty Shopper" not finding much of anything, then all of a sudden, I stumble on this sign... cost was $3.99, check out the colors of the letters, perfect match to the cherry kitchen. This beauty is hanging above the kitchen sink and window.

Walk a few steps, and here daughter & I find this cutie for daughters country decor (we have the same taste when it comes to decorating our homes) she took it home and placed it on her diningroom wall.

For all of you who visit the Farm Chick Paula at The Fraker Farm, she has been educating us on bee's and hives. So, it was ironic to find this on the very day I read her blog, about the bees and each of their jobs.

Then we spotted this little cow decor for only $.99 it also went home with our daughter and she placed this in her little kitchen.

Browsing around a bit more, getting ready to head out of the store, when suddenly, this catches my eye. Oh, I love lanterns, so this went into the cart, brought her home with me, cleaned her up, placed a small candle inside and placed it on the coffee table in my livingroom. Any Idea what year this sweet lantern was made? There doesn't seem to be any stamps on it, but the globe is a bronze color and very thick, I can almost see someone way back in the day, carrying her to the outhouse.... I got her for $3.99 which to me wasn't that bad.

I also collect baskets, and hang them along the wooden beam rafters that make up our ceiling. I found at the Salvation Army the little star shaped basket last Wednesday, and you cannot see it in this photo (on the other end of the beam) a long bread basket.

I love my home, and all my surroundings, It's warm and very cozy, it's me and who Iam...

Come on in, have some coffee, tea or hot chocolate, and we'll chat awhile.......

Today, is Wednesday, It's a warm, windy, and very wet day, good day to go treasure hunting.




Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

I absolutely love that lantern! It is beautiful to me!
Don't you just love getting a bargain? Wednesday is senior day at Salvation Army stores here--that means 25% off most things ( not clothes ). You got some great bargains.
I'm a big fan of Paula's blog. Love her stories!

Vickie said...

Hey Cuz, I love that lantern and all the other stuff. I think I would have fought with Jamie over that bumble bee sign. lol Yeah and the Moo sign also. I wish we had more thrift stores around here. Love Ya Cuz :)

Audrey said...

Wow! You found some really great items! LOVE the lantern, would look great in my house too :)

Mel said...

Hello Ladies,

Glad you could stop in...

I can't believe, I found the lantern, must have been my lucky day :)

It looks sweet on my coffee table.
I just love it, when I find something that special.

Have a great Thursday!

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

I stopped over to thank you for stopping by and then I saw that lantern again and thought-damn! that is a nice lantern--you lucky girl!
So-that said-thanks for your nice comment and everybody can enter. In fact, you can enter every day! I have already entered you once but would love to see you come by again! I will be adding to this giveaway!