Saturday, October 16

Chick~tician Needed

As the days fade away little by little each day, so do our feathers... The chill sets in on our fannies at night when it dips into the 30's as some of us ladies, why we have nothing to cover back there. There's a few old nags in the coop, they don't have nothin better ta do, but pick on us bare bottomed chicks. That big and bossy rooster, he thinks he's the ruler out here, puffs out his chest, does a little square dance and dive right in... Word has it he's gonna get traded out for a rooster with some manners.

There he is... Rusty the rooster was born here on the farm last summer, one egg of 6 to survive. He is a long legged half Auracana, and half New Hampshire Red, he is really laid back and will fit in well with us little chicks.
While the others are out to play, I like the quietness within the coop... And if you look closer, I have outsmarted them all... no chick~tician need work on my feathers, I do all my own grooming. Pure, nice fluffy and very healthy feathers, if I must say so myself...

If those other hens would just watch and learn, they too could be as pretty as me.

You all have a great weekend and we always look forward to visitors here on the farm, so come poke your head in now and again.


Vickie said...

Hey Cuz, I love your chicken pictures! Love Ya Cuz :)

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

Awwwww, that is a cute story!