Tuesday, September 14

Golfer's Elbow ~ Where There's a Will, There's a Way.....

Went to see the doctor yesterday, for about 4 months now, I've been experiencing some discomfort on the inside of my elbow. When it first started, I just figured I must have bumped it on something, thinking it must be a bruise. The pain remained, and no signs of bruising, and now the irritation is spreading from the backside of my elbow, down my arm. After having difficult time getting to sleep on Saturday night, figured; alright, I'll go see the doctor.

That, I did.... He said"Golfer's Elbow" I replied; "I don't golf" how does one get Golfer's elbow if they don't golf.

It turns out, anything from painting to typing can cause this to occur. Treatment will involve some Physical Therapy, ice packs, and rest....... Me rest.... I don't have time for resting.... I can not see me giving up typing, although painting, now that's a different story 8) Or what about vacuuming, I could do without that, except for the two very hairy and shedding dogs that leave a floor full of fur each day, that I cannot look past...

This being said, we have been really busy preparing for this falls hunting season.

Putting in a hunting cabin, my job is to replace the dirt around the poles, pack it in real good, making sure the poles are straight and level.

Hubby, dug the holes using his new tractor, with an auger from a very "nice" neighbor who was kind enough to let us use it.

Thank you kind neighbor!

As they say, "If you build it, they will come."


Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

Is it a platform blind or an actual cabin? Do you eat wild turkey? How is it? I've only had cultivated turkey for so long, I don't remember wild turkey. A lot of turkey hunting goes on around here but Mike is NOT a hunter or fisher. He is a farmer/gardener. We 'raise' our food-lol veggies, anyway.. We do eat only locally grown beef and pork and chicken but we live in the Midwest where the best are raised. That chicken/egg scare didn't affect us. We get our eggs from a local farmer, free range birds.
Golfer's elbow, Huh? I thought they called it Tennis elbow. They will blame anything on poor Tiger since he fell off his pedestal.
They are right. You gotta rest it, ice it, exercise it, take Aleve, drink water, jog in place and sleep at least 4 hours in the afternoon.......Oh, and cut out red meat. Then........JK
Great picture of you! ★Linda★

Vickie said...

Hey Cuz, I don't think building a hunting cabin falls under physical therapy. Just tell those chickens to bring their eggs to the back door and leave them. Tell the horses to start eating the grass in the yard. Have the dogs start rolling around the floor to collect their own hair back up. Have hubby do up the dishes and the laundry when he gets home from work. There now you can rest! Love Ya Cuz :)

BittersweetPunkin said...

Sorry to hear about your Golfers Elbow...is that like Tennis elbow? Boy, they have a name for everything.

I have a mail carrier friend who injured his shoulder just by sorting mail each and every day for years...go figure. It's a wonder we're all just not falling apart from the things we do around the house :)

Farm Chick Paula said...

Oh, Mel- sorry to hear about your golfer's elbow- that has to be so painful!
Are you all putting up a blind to hunt out of? we have one in the woods behind our house for deer, but Hubby hasn't hunted back there in a couple of years now. I used to love going up in there just to take pictures.
I see your hubby is putting the tractor to good use... you know he'll have to have an auger of his own now, don't you? *giggle*
Hope you're having a wonderful week, dear friend!

Happy brother sister said...

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Mel said...

Hi Ladies, Thanks for all the help and suggestions, I will try to take a little bit of everything you all said, and make good use of it... Friendship hug goes out to all of you.

Well, the building is approx. 8x10 has windows and a door. We had some linolium left from a rental update, that we placed on the floor. We have a few cupboards, I mentioned to hubby about putting those in it, and making a small area for a counter top, someday, in the future, a very small woodstove (I don't only want to stay dry, I have to be warm).

Wild turkey, yes, they are good eating, the secret is to cook them low and slow for a tender bird. They are a darker meat than commercial birds, but for hubby & I, it was a great experience. Makes you think back to pioneer days, when they had to fend for all their food sources.

Golfer's elbow is just the same as Tennis elbow, "except" on opposite sides of the arm. Tennis is on the outside, while Golfer's is on the inside.

I wish, I could sleep for 4 hours in the afternoon... I could go without eating red meat, since poultry and fish are my favorites...

Blessings to you all,

Kathleen From Eggs In My Pocket said...

It's amazing what can cause our bodies to hurt. I hope you will soon feel better. Good luck on the cabin! blessings,Kathleen