Monday, August 23

It Really Has Been One of Those Summers

Where did summer get off to... yesterday, I grabbed hubby out of his chair, I heard the geese, we ran to the door just in time to see a small flock in formation heading South. "Already" I called upon our neighbor and asked if she'd heard and seen them and she explained how they were resting in a near by field.

But, I'm not ready to give in to colder weather, Just yet....

I have string beans to pick and freeze, tomatoes to pick and can (loads of them) our roma's are unreal this year the plants are so full they have tipped over, I'm not complaining, I will take them. Try to put up sauce, some salsa, and plain tomatoes. (hopefully, we have enough jars)

The garlic I planted last year, did very well and Mmmm the flavor, there is no comparison to what you purchase at your local grocers, I can hardly wait to plant more for next year.

The vineyard, is absolutely beautiful, the vines are huge, and tower over our heads, and to walk through is just like what you see in Europe as far as vineyards look. Soon, we will be pruning the vines, hopefully, I can salvage some of them for crafting. I've thought about harvesting leaves, however, with our hot, and humid summer we fought to keep Japenese beatles from destroying our crops, there all over them.

Besides gardening, I have hired a dog trainer to come a few times a week to help us settle the dogs when visitors come. They are big, vocal and Dunkin has a very deep voice, not many people want to visit when they arrive and these 2 come barking at them.
They are doing real well, and we hope to be able to welcome neighbors and friends over real soon.

So, I'm sorry, I haven't been much company this summer, life is good...... here on the farm!

Do hope you'll all come over for a visit, and please leave a comment, I love hearing from each and everyone of you.



Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

I have garlic chives and they are awesome and a perennial! Plus they bloom so pretty! Our tomatoes were awful--too much rain. Never had tomatoes so bad before. Had just enough to make a big pot of veggie soup; canned 17 quarts. Now that the rains have slowed down, they are better but, of course, there are a lot fewer of them. No canned tomatoes for us........ :) Good to hear from you. Did you see my giveaway? Would love to enter you....... ★Linda★

Mel said...

Garlic chives, I've never heard of them, but will have to check into it (perennial) I love a nice shortcut.

Ah, sad your tomatoes were affected from the rain... I'd love to be able to give you some of mine.

Now, that things are "starting" to slow down,(have more free time) I will take you up on the giveaway.

That's if I can figure out how stuff works on blogging. I'm a little rusty at it....

Thanks, for coming by, It was so great to hear from you.


Vickie said...

Hey Cuz, If you have too many tomatoes throw some down to me. I know you have a good pitching arm. lol I've been waiting for your geese to come on by but haven't seen them yet. They must have gotten sidetracked along the way.

Yes, I have been collecting salt & pepper shakers for a long time. The kids used to get me a set at Christmas time from like the Dollar General or places like that where they were only a couple dollars. But they haven't found any in a a few years. Wish I would have known about that sale last year I would have sent you shopping! lol

Jene`'s first week went well and this week she has started classes. She calls home almost every night. I think to check to make sure that one of the boys hasn't staked claim to her room. lol

I'm sure Colin won't get his wallet overly stuffed because he is like any typical male and likes to spend on toys.

I miss the little ones! I wished I could have had them longer over the summer. It was so much fun going and doing things with them.

I didn't do much of anything Monday or Tuesday. Ran an errand, read, watched useless TV, and computer filled my days. Today I decided I had rested up enough and started getting an early start on fall cleaning. Love Ya Cuz :)

Farm Chick Paula said...

I loved finding out about your busy summer, Mel- and don't feel bad- I've hardly had time to be on the computer, much less blog either... maybe things will start slowing down now!