Sunday, August 29

It must be a dream~ I Won!!!!

I just cannot get over the fact that my name was drawn to win some wonderful giveaway gifts from Parkersparadise. It's a rare occassion indeed, hopefully, my luck hasn't run out for me to win the $10 million lottery from PCH... LOL

A big Congrats goes out to Linda for gathering 100 followers to her blog, and also nearly 1000 posts... You go girl!!

Thank you all so much for congratulating me on being the winner of these wonderful gifts, and Thank you Miss Linda for making this all possible.



Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

Ah, shucks.....Tweren't nuttin' lil darlin'.
I got her all boxed up and ready to go today! I just hope I used enough bubble wrap and newspaper. It's wood. Gotta be ok, right?

Gail said...

Winning feels so good! Congratulations.

Mel said...

I love you guys, you're all so good to me.