Saturday, December 12

A veiw from our front windows

Winter weather~ With winds gusting at 50 plus MPH, schools & businesses closing for the day, bracing for the 3 feet of snow thought to hit our area. We are so lucky in that we missed most of the snow (either that or the wind just blew it all away) it's it really bitter cold out, but we are not complaining.

Date did not reset after charging the batteries for the camera actual date is 12/11/09.

Just an example of what we were looking at (east side of our house) this is a white out. When I wake up to this, I pretty much know, today will be an inside day of activities.

This is Grand D making sugar cookies, she literally spent all day baking and frosting. Definately has more of an attention span than her granny. LOL

Thanks sweetie, these are the bestest sugar cookies I've ever eaten.

Now, last week we as a family drove to town and finished up a batch of wine we had brewing. A bottle will go into gift baskets for Christmas.
Thanks to the owner and his sons for giving us the class. They were very helpful, and have a great little set up there.
Sorry, this is going to be a short post Kohl's has a good sale going today (however, only until 1pm) we are going shopping. I'd better get my farm duties finished up.
God Bless You ALL,


scrappy quilter said...

It's blowing snow outside here too however I'm betting it's much colder here than there. We are to go down to -49C tonight with the windchill. Very, very cold.

Vickie said...

Hey Cuz, Make sure you keep it up there! Oh Colin saw Santa and ya know the only thing he asked for was SNOW! He didn't mention a single thing off the list he handed to me..... laptop, phone, nitendo ds, wii... go figure! I told him that his list can't look like this yet he's not a teenager.

Love Ya Cuz :)

Dena said...

How wonderful to have snow! I cannot even imagine having such a view. Here if it gets below 70 degrees...I'm freezing!


Farm Chick Paula said...

Brrrr... those first two pictures look cooold!! Sugar cookies sound yummy- send some to Tennessee, please?
I'll forgive you for choosing Kohls over blogging, but just this once... LOL

Lea said...

Brrr it looks so cold there~!
I can't get over... SOOOO yall make cookies AND wine? WOW! I'm impressed!
SUGAR COOKIES ... FROSTED ONES... AHHHHH ARE JUST THE BEST arent' they? You are so blessed that yoru girl worked so hard baking them and decorating them. As a Mother of sons, I'm pretty much on my own when it comes to baking and it truly is an all day affair when you have all that frosting to do.
Okay, hope the critters are all warm enough where you are. I'm gonna go read some more. lol