Monday, December 14

Jesus Loves Me ~ This I know

As a young child, I followed my mother to many different churches , before our family settled in the country and made our home just up the road from my maternal grandparents and the little white church.

"The Little White Church known as the "Keeneyville Methodist Church" (I warned all of you that I grew up in the boonies, I wasn't kiddin') sat next to our local grocery store, right on the main road going in and out of our little burg. If you stood in Grandma's and Grandpa's front window you could not only see the church, you could see the people coming and going as well (I spent a great deal of time at my grandparents.) I remember; Grandma getting us all cleaned and dressed to attend church & Sunday school. As a child you don't really understand the powers of Our Lord, or what "faith" is all about. I'm not sure, even after all these years if I have a good understanding of it all, all I know, and realize, is "there is a God" and I want to do everything in my power to be his follower. (Pray for me)

To make a looonng story short, my childhood was a difficult one, like so many others. I made a huge mistake, fell for a guy, and seemed to have fallen back into a trap much like the one of my childhood, and figured out right quick that was not what I wanted or expected out of life. I moved on with my life... filed for the "D" word and put all that behind me.

Then, we found each other 28 almost 29 years ago, it was "love" at first sight, and somehow we both had the very same butterfly feelings in our stomach's. He was Catholic and I was Methodist, but we didn't really attend church until we had children of our own. Then, as we traveled around the world with the military, we started attending Church again, one week we may go to a Methodist Church, then the next a Catholic Church, whatever; until after many years later, I discovered, how at ease I was at mass, I just had a strong feeling of belonging.

A few years back, I mulled over the idea of converting, so that I could share the faith as a Catholic. However, when you have been married previously, there is a lot to this, many different steps to take to prepare for the occasion.

We have taken those steps, it has been two long years, and we finally have set the date to marry in the Catholic Church.

"I'm Going To Be A Catholic, I'm really, really, blessed! "

A Christmas gift we can charish, forever...


QuiltedSimple said...

Oh CONGRATS! What a wonderful christmas gift! Blessings to you

Mel said...

Thanks Kris,

Happy Holidays!


Farm Chick Paula said...

That was a beautiful story, Mel! And what a special Christmas this will be for you!

Vickie said...

Mel I'm so excited and happy for you!!! I know this is something you have wanted for so long and this is a joyous time for you all.

Don't forget standing on the porch at grandpa and grandma's they were the last house going out of that little village. Looking down at the church and store there were only a couple houses past that point. You could almost see the whole village from the porch.

Remember every year for Christmas the popcorn balls in red or green. Oh and sneaky the candy grandma had hidden in the kitchen cupboard. As if she didn't know we would find it and eat it. lol I can see her now sitting in that black rocker cutting out the perfect snowflake. Walking to church hearing the bells ring and grandma picking up the pace and us trying to keep up with her.

So many good memories in that little village in that stone porched house up on the hill overlooking the little town. It was the perfect place to escape and just be a child.

Love Ya Cuz :)

Mel said...

Hi ladies, so good to hear from you, thanks for your sweet comments.

Vick, Grandma's porch will forever be a fond memory, for sure. Not to mention the treat of going upstairs and playing dress up in all the old gowns, shoes and hats that once belonged to our mothers.

Those were the good old days, we just didn't know it at that age.

Lea said...

I could NOT be happier for you.
I'm so happy to that you found where you belong! THANK THE LORD!!!