Tuesday, December 8

JuSt AnOtHeR DaY On ThE FaRm

An early morning for this farm goddess...

Up at 4:20 AM with a dog that would not stop whimpering at my bedside. Must crawl out of bed grab a hoody and feel my way down the stairs, in the dark (thinking it must be somewhere around six-ish.) After five minutes or so, I go back to the door and call for the dog to come in, "no dog" (now thinking, he has noticed he isn't in his shock collar and has slipped through the fenceline.) Go to the back room, grab my barn coat and head out the backdoor to go find him. However, once I reached the woodshed door I can hear him bark, call him; once more, but he thinks it's time to romp in the snow, turns away and darts off. He must have felt the anger building because as I turn to head in, he comes running up and darts in the door ahead of me.

Now, maybe, I can get another hour of sleep before the other family members alarm clocks start going off; NOT after tossing under the covers, not able to get warm enough for sleep...

Grand D's at my bedside; "Grammy, something is wrong with the hot water it's ice cold." So, out of bed, down the stairs to the utility room this time. Drag over the cooler, (to stand on, in order to reach the knob on hotwater tank) turn it up, back in the shower she goes.

It is now 6:20AM

Must have coffee... I do not function, "well" without my first cup of coffee, and now, I'm really dragging, in need of a set of crowbars to hold my eyes open.

Grand D's off to school, hubby is up now (I hear the floor creaking) getting ready for work, I think; I'll make him his favorite on the run breakfast sandwich. Hubby really likes an egg with a slice of swiss cheese and either; bacon, ham, or sausage beteew two pieces of toast. He'll be off to a great start.

Now that I'm home alone, it's time to feed the dogs, and cats then let them out; before I head out to the chores in the barn. Climbed in the hay loft threw down a bale of hay, rather lazy now; I decide to use the 4 wheeler to carry the hay to the pasture for me. Darn thing, won't start; have to remove the seat and a rubber hose that leads to the carberator and squirt some starter fluid in the carberator to get her to run. Out we go , Brrr RR rr a chilly morning here... cut the twine off the hay only to discover this is a bad bale (must have gotten wet) it is moldy. Horses cannot tolerate mold, or dust as they have sensitive stomaches and colic easily. Back tot he loft another bale of hay is placed on the 4 wheeler and divided equally between the three horses.

With a storm brewing in the SW and headed our way, I thought; I'd clean the chicken coop as part of my morning chores.

The chicken maid is paid in eggs... One brooder box has 6 eggs in it, another; has 2, and the last 4. The first six, I placed in my pocket and head for the house with them. Return back to coop with shovel, pitchfork, and coal shovel (coal shovels, work great for the harder to clean spots, that cling to the floor) to continue my cleaning efforts. Just after a few scoops, I feel that spot in my back that if I'm not careful and pick up to much, or turn the wrong way my back goes out. Sure enough... not so bad, that I cannot continue, so that I did. Once the cart was filled with chicken do-do; I trudge in the snow to my dumping spot (with eggs in my coat pocket) pick up the back end of the cart, to give it a boost and what do I hear; c r u n c h!
It is at this moment, I realize what I have just done, now one eggs short of a dozen... LOL

The time has come that I have to clean my own coop

Happy Farming girls,


Gail said...

The egg in the pocket problem...have experienced that!

scrappy quilter said...

WOW it was quite a start to your day!!

Vickie said...

Hey Cuz, I think you should have had your morning coffee much earlier! How do you find anytime for yourself? Love Ya Cuz :)

Mel said...

Things are looking up, we'll have snow for Christmas.

Thanks for visiting ladies, I've had over 7 days with no broken eggs in my pocket. LOL

Rebecca of Sunny Morning Farm said...

Sounds like every day here on this crazy farm!! All but the back pain, I am very thankful that I have a good back so far. I hope yours is better.

I went out Saturday morning to find that my only doe that was bred had just lost her baby :-{ At least we do have time to breed her again for later babies.

Merry Christmas!

Mel said...

Hi Rebecca,
Sorry, to hear about the loss... Is she a first timer?

Back is better, I'm off and cleaning again.

Thanks for stopping and please come again.


Lea said...

HAAA that is hysterical. You only "thought" you could baby em til you got to the house. Bet that was fun to clean out of your pockets.

I'm like you... without that FIRST morning POT ... I'm worthless. lol
Ya go to the doctor and have to do that stupid little questionaire and it asks how many caffeines in a day, and I'm thinking POTS? OR CUPS? lol
cheers Mel!