Friday, September 25

I think, I need a bigger basket... Phunny animal photo's

This is Miss Noisy

One morning, as I'm trying to work at the table our cat decided she was ready for a cat nap. She climbs in this basket (about half her size) starts circling, then lays down, gets up cicles again; lays down.
Ah, this is it... tucked in and ready for a my siesta; what do you think, do I look fat in this basket???

Do you all remember our little puppy Dunkin, well he isn't little anymore. He is just seven months old and weighs approx. 65 pounds.

So much for that siesta, huh... Dunkin, "You know, you cannot outrun me, I may be chubby, but I can still beat you."

"Oh yeah, Look at me now, I will not be out done by a cat." Pay no attention to the ball I'm going after. Actually, it's a sunspot... OK
"Hey, what have we here, we are suppose to be free rangers, just check out your garden, we eat your corn, peck your tom-atoes, & we even chase it down with a few worms or grubs." How long are we in for, a week or two...

There is never a dull moment here on this farm. LOL
Hope you all enjoy your weekend...


scrappy quilter said...

Great pictures. WOW has that dog gotten big!!

Mel said...

Our daughters tell us the same thing, whenever, they pop in. I kinda wonder, if he isn't part Saint Bernard... LOL

Nancy said...

I am happy you came to visit my blog. Your animals are really cute. I also looked at the other blog you have. The puppy has grown up. The kitty in the basket is great.
Please visit me often.

Eggs In My Pocket / Yesteryear Embroideries said...

Just love Miss Noisy and Dunkin is full of life! Such sweet the chickens. I love the cheerful fall look of your blog! blessings,Kathleen

Mel said...

Hello Ladies, Thanks for stopping by, so glad you all enjoyed our crazy pets.

Hope you'll come back for another visit soon...


Farm Chick Paula said...

I love the pictures of all your critters, Mel!! I'll bet there REALLY ISN'T a dull moment at your house!
Love the picture of the chickens, too... they do look like they're ready to make a break for it! *LOL*