Thursday, May 7

Walk with me... Morning Chores

A little late today, must be the rain but tag along with me as I go out to do my morning chores. Slip on these muckers (boots, guys, boots...) ya all know what to expect, what goes in must come out!

You know, their getting old when... It's 7:00 in the morning and their still roosting. This is Shenae and Roo in thier favorite sleeping spot, waking up to me walking through the barn. Once the doors were opened, out they went to the front porch, then into the mulch which they "love to dig in" all the way to the dirt. Then, they take their bath in the crater they have just created.

Here's Scout who was let out first this morning, (after he got his meds) he is usually last, because, as you can see here he goes to each and everyones food dish looking for leftovers. When the other horses are still in their stalls our Arabian mare will pin her ears back and come at him with teeth exposed (he knows what's coming) and has learned a trick or two of his own.

Come along Scout it's time to go out.

Scout's Mother; Sierra leads the way as she heads up the hill in the misty morning air. She is so beautiful, with that black mane (when she is groomed, of course) yesterday, I wish, I would have had my camera in tow, as I walked Dunkin up the hill, over my left shoulder, Sierra, is laying on the ground eating. I look over and see she has just rolled and above her eyebrow it's lined with mud (looked like makeup) a perfect outline.

Do you see that look, April "thinks" she's made of sugar, I cn hear her saying; "Come on now, really, you don't expect me to go out in this @#%& do ya?) As she did walk out the door, she hung her head so low, It crossed my mind that she would trip over herself, babysteps all the way to the top of the hill.

Give her a round of applause people, she finally made it, and all in one piece. LOL

Now, it's time to tread in the mud ourselves as we head out to the chicken coop. For those of you requiring hats, you may need them now...

Jump back, chickens on the run~ They do not care if it's raining, or not, once the door opens it's a mad dash to get out.

Sorry folks, for some reason my computer is freezing up when I go to add more pictures... Let me give it one more try! Nope, it's not cooperating, Grrr...

There we go~

Once in the yard, they start their search for insects, worms, grubs etc. Look it's rain droplets on the lens of the camera; or is it? Oh, and yes, those are not real deer in the background, however, are decoys. I know, they are there, but when I go out to the chicken coop, these will still spook me.

Next, we have, Spunky the bunny. She is coming over to see what might be in that yellow pail, Corn, You know I don't like corn, give me some spunky O's. This rabbit will so flips for Honey & Oat Cherios (Spunky O's) she will circle you at high rates of speed, grunt and groan, whatever it takes, she wants her Spunky O's...

That completes the barn chores, now I have to go inside and feed the cats, dogs, & yes, the hermit crab.

Hope you have enjoyed your time with me this morning, and look forward to having your company on our farm again soon.

Whinny, Whooph, Meow, Cluck~Cluck, from one country gal to another,



scrappy quilter said...

This is so much fun walking with you through your morning chores. Great pictures and wonderful words. You have been missed.

How is Dunkin doing?

Berte said...

Thanks for the tag-along on chores. Don't you wish we really knew what our animals are thinking? (and maybe it's a good thing we don't).
RiverBend Farm

Mel said...

It's soooo good to be back, I have missed all of you as well, Thanks for tagging along!

Hugs, Mel

Farm Chick Paula said...

I loved going on your morning rounds, Mel!
I had to chuckle over the hens still roosting at 7:00!