Friday, May 8

Rain~Rain Go Away...

This is the sky as we see it, today. I wanted to hit a few yard sales, but think I'll pass on count of the weather. I love it, when you look at the skies and see these rays, just something magical about them. Our Lord, Jesus Christ comes to mind when these rays are present.

Marley thinks so too... (I just noticed Marley's tongue) LOL

She was out with me this morning as I took a look in one of my small flower beds. Marley, actually got right in front of me while I was going to take a picture, thought she was going to lick the lens. Wish she was that loving to our neighbors who walk often. She has gotten quite ugly since having her pups, I do get nervous about her startling our 92 year old buddy who walks nearly every morning. We really need help from the Dog Whisperer!

I dug these up from one of our rental units, last year, they are doing well (thanks to all the rain we've been getting) and so pretty. I love purple, and have planted these along side of my lilac bush, which I transplanted just a few years back. They have not bloomed yet, we are way to far north, and need a few more weeks to see the lilacs.


scrappy quilter said...

Hopefully the rain will go away at your end and the snow won't happen in our end of the world. Sorry to hear about Marley and her temperment changing. Hopefully that won't last long. Have a wonderful weekend.

btw - beautiful pictures.

Farm Chick Paula said...

Beautiful sky picture, Mel... (I'm a big time sky gazer anyway...)

Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

WOW, what a wonderful day you had!
I love that little ice cream shoppe!

How is that new laptop working? You gettin the hang of it?

Your raised beds look great! I often use layers of newpaper on the bottom as well. The heap tons of olde hay on top. I like using the newspaper coz over summer it breaks down and then come fall I till it all under. Works super.
What are you planting?

Well, have a great week,
Hello to Marley.