Monday, May 4

Everything I should have known about raising a puppy all by myself

First, let me "Thank all of my devoted friends" for not giving up on my return back to bloggyworld.

As most of you who follow this blog know I ended up with one of Marley's puppies, his name is "Dunkin."

Every morning between 5-6 AM, I hear a little whimpering from the laundryroom downstairs that would be Dunkin saying please come down soon and take me outside. He just turned 10 weeks old on Friday and is doing well with housetraining, learning to sit, and most important the come command. Of course, he has his good days, and his bad ones just like we do. I took him out to play ball with Momma Marley earlier this afternoon, I drew my leg back to give the ball a really hard kick; except missed the ball and kicked the ground forcing my foot backwards (I limped for about 5 minutes or so.) But, didn't notice the extent of it until a little later on when I laid on the couch falling asleep (the phone rang) I got up and oh was it stiff. Later, puppy Dunkin had to go out for a potty break, I was placing broken limbs on the bon fire while Dunkin decides to adventure out into the hayfields (no biggy) until I call Dunkin come and he acts as if there is no one around him for miles, okay, hundreds of miles. I run towards him step in a slick spot of clay soil and stretch that already sore and stiff leg out to its max stretching capacity (muttering and limping back towards home) with Dunkin in tow laying in my arms; like, the happy go lucky little man that he is.

This is a picture of him playing with Sierra our daughters mini Daschund.

This is alot of work guys! Every 15 minutes or so it's time for another potty break (that's if he is not competing with mommy dog on who can drink from the doggy water bucket the longest) then it's every 5 minutes. Weekends are somewhat easier as our granddaughter is home and does take him out from time to time, but weekdays by 3 in the afternoon, I'm ready to crash on the couch for my very own power nap...
The time has come to say good night to all of you, must go see Dunkin off to bed.
Sweet dreams & God Bless,


scrappy quilter said...

You have been missed. I'm so glad to hear everything is okay and that Dunkin is coming along. That name is just too cute. What a georgous looking pup.

BittersweetPunkin said...

Oh how cute! My dog Sadie is 6 and I swear she's got one of the weakest bladders I know of.....I can't wait for the warmer weather when I can leave the back slider open and she can come and go as she pleases.


Berte said...

Welcome back! I know the feeling - I've been off blogging with a broken hand and felt the blogging world was going on without me (which is was..). Dunkin is adorable. As you probably know, those labs are puppies for two years..but you'll look back one day and say "remember when he was just a puppy?" Take care and I pray you're leg isn't too bad.
RiverBend Farm

Rachel said...

Oh I love him... too cute. I recently am going through the whole puppy training thing myself with my Oliver... finally 6mo. old. Stop by and see us, we have a little award for you.

Farm Chick Paula said...

So good to hear from you again, dear Mel!
Loved the update on Dunkin! He is a cutie pie!

Kathleen from Eggs In My Pocket said...

So glad you are back! Puppies do take a lot of time and attention but are so worth it! Dunkin is so cute. blessings,Kathleen

Mel said...

Jumpin' with Joy, Thanks guys for stopping in, and sending your sweet comments on Dunkin.

He is a pill, yesterday he had several accidents (thankfully we have the floors that we do traffic master, looks like real wood, but is linoleum)he also came upstairs with me, found a new roll of TP and started to shred it. I caught him in the act, and carried him down the stairs (he is grumbling at me all the way down) all 20 some pounds of him.

He is a comical little guy, we love him to bits.

Puppy kisses,