Wednesday, January 14

Ya know it's freeeezin' when...

Ya Know it's freeeezin' when...

1.You open the door to let your dogs out and the door creaks.

2. As you're waiting inside the screen door for your dogs to return momentarily, and it fogs over with a thin layer of ice.

3. You wander to the barn to feed the animals and all their water buckets are frozen.

4. Your nose hairs become stiff (very stiff) once you step into the great outdoors.

5. In a matter of 5 minutes you can no longer feel your finger tips, although they hurt!

6. You go to let the cat out (who's screaming at you to do so) and he looks at you with a look of

"what are you nuts".

7. That item you need so badly from the local grocery store can wait and will...

8. It is necessary to leave all faucets that are fed by pipes on outside walls dripping, otherwise, you'll have no water due to frozen pipes!

9. As you stand in a window staring out at the beautiful bright sunshine glaring off the snow and you think you see little diamonds. (Wouldn't that be great)!

10. With each step you take the snow under your shoes sounds crunchy.

The above picture is an older one, however, it is one that just looking at it makes you feel cold.
Is it cold where you live today? Our temps are falling rapidly, but currently sit at -7 * F Brrr. I shouldn't complain, Alaska has been hovering around -40 to -50 for a few weeks now. Having lived in Fairbanks, knowing that the humidity is really low (most of the time) during the winters, it felt warmer at these temps. If it got up to 30* F people would be wearing shorts outside, I can assure you, that I still wore my snowpants until it warmed to about 40* anyway.
I am sitting here posting and listening to the weather channel they are talking about the wind chills for tonight thru Friday anywhere from -5 to -30* Oh boy, Oh boy!
I am going to curl up under a blanket with a book, stay warm everyone!


Farmgirl_dk: said...

Oh my.....brrrrr!!! You guys have it c-c-c-cold!
Love your pictures - your place looks so cozy, even with the snow, ice and frigid temps!

I've got a quick question for you, if you don't mind - I've recently started noticing blog posts "linking" to other people's posts and saw that my functionality for this was turned off. Today, when I turned it on (as an experiment), I noticed that you had linked this post of yours to my blog post. Did you do this on purpose or did it happen by chance? I'm trying to understand how this all works... :-)
Thanks in advance! :-)-danni

Farm Chick Paula said...

Oh dear... please stay warm, Mel!! The thing I dislike the most with cold weather is having to thaw waterers out every couple of hours!

Vickie said...

Hey Cuz, When Colin came in from school today I showed him the pictues of the horses and he said.. are you ready to hear what he said... COOL! Then I said do you want to see the best picture of all and showed him this one with all the snow. His eyes got so big I thought they were going to pop out of his head and he said..... snow.

They had been calling for some flurries here tomorrow but now they say we are not going to get anything and he is upset he wanted snow so badly.

Love Ya :)

Kathleen from Yesteryear Embroideries and Eggs In My Pocket said...

Bless your heart Mel... it's cold!! Here in west Texas, it is in the 70's and sunny! Wish I could box some sunshine up for you to send! Hope you thaw out soon! Stay warm, blessings, Kathleen

Gail said...

We have no snow! I count that as a good thing. Temps are dropping tonight and will be in the single digits for a few nights. Way too cold for me. We are having a heat wave compared to your part of the country.
Stay warm!

Mel said...

Danni, hello, I'm a basic blogger (novice) not sure I even understand what you're asking me, sorry! I have stopped by your blog and perhaps even left a comment from time to time, that's about the extent of my blogging skills...

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Hi Mel - ha ha...that's ok, I wasn't entirely sure what I was :-)
The linking thing will remain a mystery in my head for a bit longer, I guess.

Mel said...

How nice it is to have visitors in this kind of weather. Thanks for stopping in, friends always make you feel warm inside.

Yes,Miss Paula, it is kinda a hassle to thaw water buckets, and Mr. Scout has been drinking like crazy, about 12 gallons a day. All part of he Cushings, so I've read.

Kathleen, you're gonna make me cry telling me you're in the 70's and all... I look at it this way, spring is getting closer everyday!
Can hardly wait, I'm going to try to hatch out a few peeps, my granddaughter wants one like Belle, Miss Paula's silkie, however, that would take a miracle since we don't have that breed on our little farm. Trade you a few eggs come spring, Miss Paula.

Well, as usual, I have enjoyed our visit, but have to put away the laundry. Bah Humbug!

Night All~