Thursday, January 15

Questions about TheCutestBlogOnTheBlock

Recently, I have noticed the little icon in the upper left corner for TheCutestBlogOnTheBlock does not appear on my blog page. Just curious if anyone else has noticed this, as it is required that you have this if using their backgrounds etc.


Vickie said...

Mine is the same thing. You can still click on it and you will be taken to a page saying they are having problems getting transfered to a new server and hopefully it will be back up soon. Love Ya :)

Mel said...

Good, I was a little concerned, especially, after one of my viewers found that somehow I posted on her blog. Was also having problems getting booted so just wanted to clarify that that site was indeed down at this time. Thanks Vick

Gail said...

My gremlins are visiting. They live in my computer.