Friday, January 16

Friday Again~ Where Do The Days Go

I just cannot believe, it is Friday already! We are not only having frigid temperatures, but are expecting a snow storm, that's moving in on us later this afternoon. Guess, I'd better head for Aldi's and get a few extra loaves of bread. Yes, I love Aldi's, for such things as; fresh produce, canned goods, like; tomatoes, tomato paste, refried beans, mandarine oranges, etc. also cheese is cheaper there than at the other grocers. Some baking goods; flour, walnuts, pecans, vanilla extract and so on...
My hunny, has a to do list today also, I'm telling you what, those chickens can eat... We're packing away a 50# bag of layers mash every few weeks. What do you expect when you're receiving between a dozen to 18 eggs per day, right? Hunny & I have talked about placing an older refrigerator in the storage room/shop, then come summer, I could have a place at the farmers market to sell our brown beauties. (eggs)
This chicken is an attacker, if she is laying in the egg box "reach at your own risk". I think, we'll call her; "Nelly"! Anyhowser, Nelly, squawks with beek wide open, as you reach for the toasty eggs underneath her. Perhaps, she'll make a good mommy, come spring... Gotta feel bad for them when it is this cold outdoors, even though they have a red heat lamp, it's still somewhat chilly. As I reached for the doorknob this morning, hand slightly moist (after replenishing frozen water buckets to our horses, bunnies, and chickens) my fingers got a little stuck to the metal knob. Now, that's just a tad bit to cold!
It is time, for me to back away from the computer, so I can run errands. You guys have a wonderful weekend, and stay warm.


Vickie said...

Hey Cuz, Nelly is a cutie :) We haven't gotten above 22 so far today. I'm sorry it's much colder where you are but to us this feels just as bad. The dogs didn't even want to go out my spoiled Collie just looked at me as if to say... are you nuts I'm not going out there.

The computer stand is gone finally! And I've only been piddling on some sewing today. Getting all these rice pads sewn so in November sometime I can start ironing them and filling them. Hey put on your list to remind me come November to pull these out and finish them. lol Once I have these finished I'm going to start one of those pillow quilts. I'll let you know if I actually get one made or if it was too bad looking and got ditched. :O

Break time over and back to the sewing machine I go. I've got to run into the city later and pick up the kids as much as I hate going out.

Oh by the way don't get stuck to that door knob you would end up being out there til spring.

Love Ya Cuz :)

Berte said...

I love chicken stories. Nelly is a beauty. I can't wait for my little biddies to completely feather out so I can see what they're going to look like and how many roosters I've ended up with. We've had the same thought of getting an old frig for the barn for all the eggs we're hoping to get. Ha!
RiverBend Farm

James said...

Nelly, she looks so innocent. I can't wait for spring, need all 3 of my girls to lay.

Picket said...

Wow that's alot of eggs every day..can't wait til Spring..I hope you have some baby chicks and post them for us to see....ohhhh I love baby chick(I have always called them little doodies)I've raised two as pets before..I have always loved farm life! Thanks for coming by...girl it took me months to finally get brave enough to put that first brush stroke of paint on my cabinets & then after I had the coat of Kiltz on there I thought for sure I had ruined them! But I just keep going and did my two coats of paint and they were was the perfect color for creamy cottagey look but I knew I wanted more of an aged look so I glazed mine..I think you would love painted cabinets!

Kathleen from Eggs In My Pocket and Yesteryear Embroideries said...

Hi Mel, hope it warms up for you soon. Yes, my feathered friends eat a lot of scratch,also, but it is so well worth it. Also, I noticed the feed keeps going down in price recenlty. I took advantage and bought extra! Stay warm, blessings, Kathleen

Teeny Tiny cabin said...

Hi Mel!
Yes, it sure has been a cold week and snowy too! I noticed you mentioned pipes freezing, well our bathroom sink and shower were frozen for three days, Because our cabin is pretty warm--almost too warm sometimes--we spaced out and went to bed forgetting that the temps were going plunge. I was so thankful the kitchen sink didn't freeze and we still had running hot water. We also have so much snow we no longer know where to put it when plowing and our driveway keeps getting smaller and smaller. (I live just off Lake Erie on a high ridge--one of the most persistent lake snow bands in our area. I don't know if you've ever been to Oswego, NY--but we get as much snow as them--just not as publicized) I actually like the snow, but the cold temps are a little hard to take.
Anyway--loved your chicken story and hearing about your life on your lovely farm!
Thanks for your kind words left at the cabin and Blessings to you!
Claudia O.

Mel said...

Hi Guys, Thanks for coming over for a short visit. Well, it is warming up "some" It is 12*F here right now, with the wind chill only 3* but, I'm not complaining, That's above zero! LOL

Claudia, didn't realize you were so close, we live near lake Ontario, about 80 miles north of Oswego so we get lots of lake effect,like all of you there near Erie. Nice that you stopped in, sure hope you'll come again.

I also welcome to James, and can assure you once your girls start to lay, you'll have plenty of eggs. We had just 3 hens last summer, didn't have to buy any, that makes it all worth it...

Berte, welcome to our farm, looked at all your chickens, it is fun to watch them develope into their new feather coats! I will be stopping in often to see who's who over there.

Picket, there you are! I was beginning to think you forgot all about me over here. LOL
You are one busy women, I sure do love your skills with interior decor. By the sounds of it, we painted our laundry room cabinets in the same way, the only step we did different was we applied an antique finish that you rub off, leaving behind some darker shades. I'll have to take some photo's and blog on them. Still haven't put pulls or knobs as I wanted country and was trying to make some out of birch from the back 40.

Anyhow, I'm thrilled to see all of you and hope you'll stop back soon.