Friday, January 30

Frozen Friday

Here's a glance across my front porch this afternoon.

A veiw of what's suppose to be our sidewalk, however, drifted in. If you look in the distance you can see how deep the snow is getting. It is knee high, and I don't mean; knee high to a grasshopper, I'm a bit taller than that! LOL

This is a veiw from the diningroom window. There you see one of our snowmobiles, guess, we'll have to do some shoveling if we want to ride it.
Let me show you what the Auracanas have been busy doing. I have a full dozen of blue and green eggs now. At first, hubby didn't want to eat them (green eggs and ham) just something not right with green eggs. He has gotten past that, and ask me to fry one up for a breakfast sandwich for his ride to work this morning.

We have been saving some eggs for the local food pantry, this morning, I dropped off 14 dozen. The lady working there said they get over 60 dozen a month from a local chicken farm and they hand those out in less than a week. Times are tuff folks, and only going to get tuffer, we need to stand together, and stop looking for the government to bail us out. "Love Thy Neighbor, As Thy Self," this is the only way we are going to survive, if we look after each other, lend a helping hand where one is needed. That is what we were put on this earth for...
I feel so blessed, to have met so many wonderful people through blogging, very inspirational, I've learned from many of my fellow bloggers, on how to make your money go farther, for example; making your own laundry soap (very simple) and works well too, cooking at home, (so many mouth watering recipes) even how to get free 5 gallon buckets (that are food safe, no less) go through a lot of these for watering the horses. Also, use them for compost material, (save my kitchen scraps from food) once the bucket gets full, I dig my way through the snow, and to the compost pile for another feeding. What would I ever do without all of you?
May God Bless us all


scrappy quilter said...

What a blessing in donating eggs. I totally agree with you, unless we starting helping others, our world as we know it is going to get worse. Beautiful pictures (I love winter). I just don't like it when it's windy.

scrappy quilter said...

I'll be sending you an e-mail later today in regards to questions.

Thanks for responding to mine.

scrappy quilter said...

Your e-mail is on it's way.

Patty H. said...

Those eggs are gorgeous. I want some snow but not quite as much as you've got. It is beautiful, tho. Looks too cold.

Vickie said...

Hey Mel, Be on the lookout for a little munchkin coming your way. He saw the pictures of the snow and has requested an airplane ticket so he can go there. Just send him home in the spring with a bunny and couple of chickens. lol

Like we have discussed before we do a community garden with a few other people. It works out great we split the cost of seeds and plants and everyone pitches in to help. This year we are making a smaller garden for our small kids to take care of they have requested sunflowers, pumpkins and watermelons to plant.

Love Ya Cuz :)