Thursday, January 29

Starting To Feel Like An Alaskan~ again!

You know, when we came down from Alaska (drove the Alaskan highway in October) and got back into the lower 48 (as they refer to it) on our way home we got some strange looks with those Alaskan plates on our car... We always wondered if they thought we lived in an igloo, actually, believe it or not, we had people ask us that very question.

Light Snow
BAROMETRIC: 29.85 steady
High: N/A / Low: 19°F
Tonight: Snow Shower

High: 24°F / Low: 7°F
Day: Snow
Night: Snow Shower

High: 18°F / Low: 14°F
Day: Few Snow Showers
Night: Snow Shower

High: 35°F / Low: 26°F
Day: Few Snow Showers
Night: Snow Shower

High: 32°F / Low: 24°F
Day: Few Snow Showers
Night: Light Snow

I'm praying for some sunshine in our area, as the snow is still coming down outside. I believe, the weather channel was saying we've had over 150" of snow so far, this is not good. I'm nt sure I want to know what that old groundhog hads to say this groundhogs day.

The horses are getting stall fever, only able to go out for short periods at a time. Today, while I was in one of the horses stalls my horse reached over and started nibbling on my coat sleeve. He is starving for attention, this is his way of begging me to scratch his ears. Oh, yes, that is his favorite thing for me to do, and if I stop to soon, he lets me know by nudging me for more.

Our poor cats are pretty much house bound as well. They beg to go out, but quickly change their mind, once I open the door. I'm ready for them to take it outside... One of them has taken to clawing my chairs, I have a water bottle & squirt him, but ya gotta be quick, he knows what I'm doing and scoots under the chair or flies up the stairs. Is it to late to have him de-clawed? Ugh!

Chickens act as if they want out, however, when I leave their door open they just stand inside and look out. They are delivering a lot of eggs though, anywhere from 12 to 18 a day. All brown eggs except, the blue ones from the Auracanas.

It's going to be spring soon, Right!


This Country Girl said...

I guess that much snow (and coldness) gets old after awhile. We were happy over our little dusting of snow yesterday (see today's post)! lol! I can imagine that everyone gets cabin fever and wishing for spring!

So you lived in Alaska? How neat!


scrappy quilter said...

Holy smoke, you got lots of snow. However, it's colder here than where you are. I love winter, however I think I'd get cabin fever too with that much snow.

I didn't realize you lived in Alaska.

Pearl said...


Mel, I got cold just reading this post! You can be certain that I'm ready for Spring to arrive soon... Regarding the Tag from my blog, and the question you had... not exactly sure of what it is you needed to know, so could you send me an email, please, and perhaps expand just a wee bit on your question? Then I can send you a proper answer! Please take care and keep as warm as you can... God bless...

~hugs 'n prayers~