Monday, September 29

Help ~ from our 11 year old dog wizard...

Hello my friends,

It seems, as though our lab mix has taken kindly to the stray dog. Our lab, is nearly twelve years old and an old fuddy dud, when it comes to playing with what seems like a year old (maybe a little younger) pup. The stray is so lonely it has been trying to play with our cats, but they are not always in a playful mood. So, I thought why not let Buster (Buzz, Buzzy sometimes stinky) out to get aquainted. It worked out well, the pup wanted to play in the worst way, but poor ole Buzz would run a few feet and then just stand there while the pup ran circles around him. This has brought the dog closer to us, as a matter of fact, early last evening, our 11 year old grandaughter went to sit on the front porch digital camera in hand.) I was busy in the kitchen, and would periodically walk to the window and check on her and the pup. In the meantime, hubby came in from work and motions me to the window.
What I see next, will melt your hearts~ My granddaughter is down on the ground in play mode, hovering around her is the pup. Grandaughter~ Auttie, was doing play bows and whimpering at the pup, and to our amazement the pup was doing the same back to her. Auttie, is doing video's as she's calling in the pup. (I want to share these with you all) but don't know how to add a video to my blog.
At one point, the pup, our dog Buzz, and Auttie are playing; Buzz bumps into the pup, the pup falls over and on top of Auttie, looks right at her, gets back on her feet and continues with playtime. When I call everyone for dinner (of course Buzz won't pass up scraps from a good meal) the pup has now made her way to the front porch. She waits there until I let Buzz out later, they play a bit, I call Buzz in, feed all the critters, about 9ish last night, I let Buzz out one last time prior to bedtime, who's there, the pup. She hangs around the yard (for the most part) more now than ever, but does wander off for a couple of hours, here and there. I'm so hoping we can work with her soon to where we can get her a collar. We have the Invisible Fence system (love it) that outlines our huge yard, plenty of room to roam & play. Our fear is, that one of the neighbors may trap her and call the pound or we have one neighbor that shot his own dog so are afraid if she wanders his way, she may not come home. This would be a shame after we have worked and come so far with calming her, gaining trust with humans.
Auttie & I often sit and watch Animal Planet, The Dog Whisperer, or It's Me or The Dog, it really has proven to be a great tool in our household.


Teeny Tiny cabin said...

Hope all works out with the pup--seems like you're making good progress!
I love to watch the Dog Whisperer and "It's Me or the Dog" too. Also like "Houston Animal Cops". I don't enjoy the mistreated animals but love how they really help them and prosecute the abusers.
Thanks for stoppin by the cabin!
Blessings to You!
Claudia O.

Picket said...

Oh my word...that is such good news! It is amazing how animals and innocent children won't be long before that sweet pup comes running to you when you open the door! Just keep working with her...have a great day girl!

Anonymous said...

I love your blog! A big thanks to you; being an Army family. We were, for 3 years. My husband had planned to go career, but you know what they say, "if you want to hear God laugh, tell Him your plans." Our plans were cut short by 17 years after a shoulder injury. But it's ok. We're loving where we're at, and our time in gave us a lifetime of memories. Looking forward to reading more about life on the farm. Blessings, Whitney

Farm Chick Paula said...

Wow Mel, that's awesome that the pup is finally coming around!! Sometimes it just takes time for them to learn to trust, but it sounds like Auttie has a gift with animals!!