Thursday, September 25

Sticking my neck out!

I have tried to capture pictures of the poor dog we've been trying to tame, unfortunately, our camera doesn't zoom in as far as we need it to. Yesterday, I was bound and determined, to get pictures so that I maight share a few with you. I go upstairs to the masterbath, raise the window, remove the screen, hang my head out (I have to be in place if not it would have freightened the dog and off she would run) sit and wait for her to come to her dish of food. In the meantime, I have two cats pushing me out of the way so they can sit and poke their heads out the very same window that I'm "ever so quietly" hiding in waiting for the opportunity of photo shooting. One cat decides this is his chance to let himself out and leaps out the window, slides down to gambrel roof and onto the ground. I know, this sounds dangerous, but believe me it isn't as the roof is only about 6 feet off the ground, and he landed purr~fectly, walking away as if he'd done this several times before. ( You've really gotta know; Niles the cat) he's a Super~Kitty, one that catches squirrels, king fishers, some of them bigger than himself ; that end up outside the front door. He really loves and appreciates his family as these gifts cannot be go un-noticed...

Okay, here are the pic's you've all been patiently waiting for.

This is her after working for over an hour to reach her food dish. She is a little scared of the horses.

She's eating (notice she is standing) in this picture.

Now, she is laying down and eating, which she somedays will do.

Here, she is done eating, and I'm trying to speak to her, hoping one day she will no longer be afraid of a persons voice.

Yesterday, as I walked out to feed her I noticed (at first) she was in the upper pasture heading my way. When she laid down, I would move a few steps towards her dish (so as not to startle her) but as she looked my way I'd freeze in place. While I was frozen it was as if she wasn't able to detect my presence, so I did this until I reached her dish. I placed the food in slowly, so she could hear it, then crawled away. I got about 20 feet from her dish, she is now sitting down in the pature with all eyes on me, as she is sitting there and I'm scrouched down she is woofing under her breath and growling. I remained in place for a little bit then moved back slowly as she looked away, until I reached the room that connects the silo to the back of the barn. This is where I get a piece of firewood place it down for me to sit on as I wait for her to come to eat. Didn't work! She went from sitting to laying down, back to sitting, then lay down, all this while still woofing and growling. I decide I better let her eat as it has taken her so long just to get where she is, I feel bad that she is hungry and has to work so hard to get food. Last night, she got left over steak, on top of her regular dry food. She wanders off to the neighbors, where she is known to go under their porch to sleep, or the other neighbors where it is woodsy and cool, she is coming in the yard more often now, in between feedings, but sometimes gets run off by our other dogs who bark at her. I go out and get them, bringing them into the house and shortly afterwards she right back in the yard. Now, if I could only get her used to our voices, so she didn't tuck and run, we would be making progress... But, I still wonder, who could of, would of, treated this animal so badly, and then drop her off like a bag of trash~ How can they sleep at night not wondering if she is warm or fed, dead or alive. I don't know, maybe, I'm just a softie, but my heart goes out to this poor animal, and I hope we can get to the point of providing her with shelter as well as food, soon, before the cold sets in.

P.S. I'm sure, you all know ~ if you double click on a picture it will enlarge it so you can see it better.


Alta said...

I just had to visit your blog! You left a comment on my blog and I saw that we have several things in common. Isn't country life the best!
Good luck on the project of taming this dog. At least you are there to provide food.

Picket said...

Hey girl...I am just like you when it comes to stray and mistreated animals..I can't stand it and I go out of my way to feed and show them kindness...I envy you that you live on a farm and you have chickens!!!!! Oh my word girl I love chickens...I use to visit my grandparents ib the country when I was a girl and when the baby chicks would hatch out I'd always go scoop them up and hold them and talk to them...I have even had a few and raised them as pets...there is nothing like country life on a farm! Thanks so much for coming by and visiting...I am adding you to my list so I can find my way back here! Good luck with the dog my friend!

Mel said...

Alta & Picket,
Welcome to Nickers & Neighs, I'm thrilled to have you on the farm! I have to share a story with you about my chickens. Last week, I was working on brooder boxes, my tools strung across the side yard. Continuously,having to travel back and forth to the workshop inside to gather more supplies etc. I return to my working area outside and go for my pencil to mark my board. However, my pencil is nowhere to be found (I thougt, my short term memory was once again playing with me.) So, I came in get another pencil for marking, about 15 minutes later, I spot one of the hens running around the yard with what looks like a noodle. Quizzically, staring at this object hanging from the hens mouth as she's running and clucking (with the other 25 hens chasing her) each one trying there hardest to steal whatever this is.It soon comes to me that the object this hen has is my pencil. Talk about chuckle, chickens are such a riot!