Friday, July 18

Country living

Have you ever been stranded without your camera?

Well, this morning (as I always do morning chores) because, I'm a morning person, I decided to open the salt block I had purchased yesterday. Usually, I'd place it in a special salt blockholder , allowing the horses free range, not this morning. I held it up to the horses (2 horses at a time) so they could bite it, only instead of biting it they decided to lick it. They licked, and licked, and licked, as their tongues (so soft) slid across my fingers, then on the outside of their lips foam started forming, these horses were really getting into this salt block, they were like two kids with lolipops. About 10 minutes into it, my hands were getting a little messy from their slobber, so I decided to put it in the holder. Our animals are soooo spoiled, we love them way to much. I'm sure they'd tell you that themselves "if" animals could talk.


Vickie said...

OMG where was Chuck when you needed him! Next time you decide to let the horses slowly lick the salt block snatch him up and hand him the camera. lol As you can see I wasn't kidnapped and taken to an exotic island nor did I go to the Y today. It's been one of those days that I am happy will be ending soon. Let me just say one word.... TEENS! Love Ya Cuz :)

Rose Mary said...

Hi Mel~it's so nice to 'meet' you here in the blogging world! I've really enjoyed reading through your posts. What a beautiful place you and your hubby have!

I loved your new post about the horses and the salt block! I've never had horses, but we used to have goats and they are a lot of fun, too. Someday, I may have some again.

I hope your little chicks can get outside soon. I love the little things, but I don't like them in my house very much. We finally have a secure enough (so far!) hen house to raise them in. Your garden looks so nice and neat~I'm looking forward to reading more of your blog!


Mel said...

Welcome to my blog Rose Mary, Yes, we've been hard at work trying to convert this place into a warm and welcoming home. I love being outdoors and gardening give me so much in return. I cannot believe it, but our corn has tassles and little ears. Really early, for our neck of the woods.

Stop again and check out what's new on our little farm.

Farm Chick Paula said...

Oh aren't they sooo easy to spoil? Daisy and Edie are so spoiled, it's really sickening.
We don't ever have NORMAL animals, because they don't know they are animals!! LOL

Mel said...

Sounds like home Paula! LOL

queenoftheclick said...

I really would love to see what a salt block looks like. I have never seen one.