Tuesday, July 15

New look at Second Chance Ranch

This is an exterior photo of the chicken coop (biddy shack) pay no attention to the date on the photo it is incorrect... We are happy this is finally finished, as all of you who live on farms know there are another 101 projects that still need to be done.

Isn't she beautiful! I just love this new look, (she still needs oiled) and we still have to add the arbor on the front. The rooster and 2 hens that roam free will lay on the outside of the fence looking in (poor babies) have been so well fed in this very same garden. You can almost hear them saying that lettuce, corn, and tomaters are so close yet so far away we can almost taste them.
This picture is a month old and the veggies are really doing swell. The corn has tassels already, the tomatoes are budding, have baby cukes, spinach came back some after attacked by the chickens, the potatoes; my grandson & I planted are looking great. It's just so magical having a garden and watching all the seeds you plant grow. God only knows, I love my veggies! For our area we have to wait a bit longer to enjoy the tastes of homegrown goods.
So, all said and done, our little ranch on the hill has a whole new appearance.
Ya all come back now, ya hear?


Vickie said...

Hey Mel, The little shack is adorable and the fence...WOW! You have been busy. I hope you enjoy your day of blog surfing I know a few of those sites I listed there is so much in them that I kept going back to them to read older posts. I better go wake some kids up today they are having a muppet show at the library that I'm taking Colin to and Dale and some of his friends want to go to the Y. Love Ya :)

questionsaboutfaith said...

Interesting blog. Too bad you fall for Sean Hannity's rhetoric. Enjoy your rustic bliss.

Mel said...

Hello, questions about faith,
Yes, I like Hannity, and better yet, Laura Ingraham is another of my favorites...

Cathy said...

Hello, Mel!~ Thanks for stopping by my "neck of the woods"~ You have a beautiful place....I would love the farm life, BUT, without all the work involved!~
Have a great day!~

LINDA said...

You know, us hayseeds here in the Midwest get some strange ideas about you New Yorkers. We imagine you all to be bustling around on extremely busy streets, with unfriendly, blank looks on your faces;or as hookers on the stroll.
I am so glad I have your blog to visit to help me with the revision of my redneck ways.
Bless you for being the warm, friendly , real person you are-that is just like everybody else.

oh, I hope this is not offensive. I just want you to know how much I appreciate you.

Kathleen from Eggs In My Pocket said...

What a beautiful place. I completely understand when you say there are 101 things to do! Have a wonderful weekend. blessings, Kathleen

Mel said...
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Mel said...

I feel "blessed" to have you all as my blogging pals. Thanks for the many (welcoming) comments. It's funny as so many people think of NY as the big city, however, we are considered lower level living in upstate NY and all... Ironically, I have never even been to NY City, but after visiting Queenoftheclicks blog it is a must see now.
We are actually closer to Canada then to NY City. Been there several times, not lately though, due to the exchange rate these days.
Thanks, for all the comments on our little and crazy farm/house.
Oh, Linda, don't be silly, that was not offensive in the least. I'm sure had I grown up somewhere other than around here I'd picture it the same way.

Farm Chick Paula said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the "biddy shack", Mel! (I kept wanting to sing the "Love Shack"-remember the group the B-52's?)
I'm so glad to hear your garden is doing good! I'm very thankful for ours.. it seems to have perked up since we've gotten some much needed rains lately!