Sunday, June 22

Update on Peeps & a few other happenings here on the ranch

Hello, Hello, Hello~

If you look closely, you can see we are filling out in our new feathers. Some of us have an orange tint to us (Buff Orpingtons) some of us have black and white mixes on our wings we are (Barred Rocks) some of us have white with a little gray on our wings and we are (Delawares) we black peeps are (Araucanas) look real close see us brown ones we are ( New Hampshire Reds) well, at least this is what the humans are assuming :)

Why is it so bright and, oh so warm! A few of us actually escaped from our little safety pen but, we got caught and mama put us back inside where the cats couldn't get to us.

I cannot wait, to show you all the fence we are building for around the garden. I saw this in a Mother Earth News magazine, since hubby said we needed a fence and I fell in love with this (only the start of it) we could have finished but we both miscalculated how many boards we needed.

Of course, I'll have to send you all updates on this as we go along, it is gonna be beautiful! It is made out of larch and will be varnished to match the posts on our front porch. Which look like this, opps, can't really tell from this picture, I'll just have to send pictures of the fence itself.

Did I ever send pictures of our bunnies? We just picked these up in May of this year, for our granddaughter.

My name is spotted leaf
Mine is Rush Tail

We have a huge house here on the ranch it used to be the old chicken coop. We have a ladder where we can climb to higher levels, and a big wooden tunnel where we can chase each other around in circles. This is like a bunny suite compared to the farm where we were born!

That just about covers my lack of blogging for a month, I think I'm fairly caught up. Come again to see more of us and more of whats happening on our farm.


Farm Chick Paula said...

This is my favorite time with baby chicks... you can start to see their breed's traits coming out in them- don't you just love finding out "who's who?" And their little personalities start coming out, too... like who is going to be the bullies, who will be the sweeties, and so on. Mel, I'm jealous! LOL
Do you have any favorites, yet?
By the way I can't wait to see the fence!

Vickie said...

Hey, Colin was in awe looking at the baby chicks. They are soooo cute! I can't wait to see what the fence is going to look like. Hopefully tomorrow I can go out and work on this one section that I want to turn into a flowerbed my plans was to do it today but we ended up with rain. Thats a good thing we haven't had any in a long time. The rabbits are adorable! I'm off to work on this afghan I haven't had it out in days. Love Ya Cuz :)