Tuesday, July 1

You're gonna love this!

Welcome my friends,

For those of you who have been around long enough to visit my site, you may remember the story I wrote a few months back. You know, the one about the company I applied at for a job and the building was for sale etc. Well, I finished my last 2 weeks on Friday and actually took a few photo's to share with you.

The first one is of the building as I drove past just for the picture.

Second is the dummy (first thing you see when you open the front door) this is a porch. You cannot see the roofing material in the photo, I just aimed my digital a took my best shot as I walked out of the office. But there is drop ceiling material scattered throughout this room. It is all over the floor just like it was 4 months ago, nothing has been touched.

This is the left side of the porch, where the Physical Therapy equipment and drop ceiling material is all over this stuff also. They did add this door to this side of the room , not sure if they were trying to cover some of the stuff up or if they ran out of space inside.

For those that are reading about this for the first time check out my previous postings to get the whole story.

As I said, Friday was my last day with this company.

On Saturday, my husband & I had been out and about. When we arrived back home wegot the mail from our mailbox to find a letter from our local bank. My husband opened the envelope to find a letter stating the company check (in which I received a week earlier) had bounced.

I have nothing more to say, I'm sure all of you are peeing you pants by now... LOL


Farm Chick Paula said...

Oh bless your heart, honey.... I'm not laughing,(well, not too hard) I'm just glad you're outta there!!
That looks like a house of horrors!

Kathleen from Eggs In My Pocket said...

Oh, how horrible! I am so sorry. It is such a shame to be used by someone like that. God has something better waiting for you! That certainly was not a good place to be in. Hope all turns out well. Have a happy holiday weekend, blessings, Kathleen

Vickie said...

When you first was telling about this I had a picture in my mind and I can say the picture I had in my mind was much nicer. Love Ya Cuz :)

BittersweetPunkin said...

OH MY! I remember your post....unbelievable!!

Happy 4th!! I hope you have a great weekend!!

Mel said...

Holiday weekend was time spent with our lovely family, we went fishing all day Friday. Everyone but me caught fish. I was thrilled none the same, because getting my husband to go fishing is like getting him to go to the doctors when he is sick... LOL

I will try and send some pictures on my blog space.

I love you all, you are so kind, you all are Gods blessing to me.

Hope your holiday was filled with happiness & fun.

May God bless you all,