Wednesday, June 18

They're finally here folks; 25 fuzzy yittle peeps

The old shed as it was
Working on new siding for the chicken shed

Postmaster handing over peeps to us

Have to open box at post office to declare any dead birds (none)

There they are coming out of the postal box and into their new home for at least a month

Wow, it is a priviledge to be back on my blog. I have missed each and everyone of you and look forward to having you all stop in for a look around. Our peeps have all arrived safe and sound and are now living in a very snazzy chicken coop. We had dragged an old metal shed to a new location and re-sided it with board and batten siding. Put a window on the side and a new insulated metal door which is green to match the color of the roof. My plan is to make some rustic signs to put up on the outside.
Our new arrivals are living in style!
We'll send more pictures as they start to grow and change into their permanent feathers. Plus some inside the coop pictures when we get it cleared of tools and such.
So long, for now my bloggy friends


cindee said...

That is so cool they all arrived safe and sound. I always wondered how ordering chicks would work out. I love chickens. We have 21 hens and 2 roosters(-:

Vickie said...

Hey Cuz, They are adorable! What kinds did you get? I know you have told me but I forgot. What a great idea with the shed! You gave me a brainstorm! Oh No Tony watch out!!! lol Oh shoot I got to call you to brainstorm some more. lol Love Ya :)

Mel said...

Hey Vick,
My peeps are 5~ New Hampshire Reds,
5~ Barred Rocks, 5~ Delawares, 5~ Araucanas, & 5~ Buff Orpingtons. I will keep you posted; they tend to grow rather fast and will be running around free in 3 months. (if the weather cooperates) I wonder if you can put rabbits in the same coop as chickens. We bought Autumn a couple of bunnies a little over a month ago. It'd be great if we could put them all in one area for the winter months.
Well, listen, come again and let me know how you make out with getting Toni to renovate the shed for your new peeps come spring...

Love, Mel

Mel said...

Cindee, Welcome to my blog! I had in the past gone to our local farm store for peeps but, this year they would come in and people bought them as they came in the door. I finally decided I'd better order before it was to late in the season. So far, we only lost one peep (we think it was a runt) and just to stressed to make the trip. All others seem to be doing real well. Do you have any trouble with your two roosters as far as fighting? We had in one batch we bought ended up with 3 roosters and they tried to kill each other, so 2 went in the freezer we still have a barred rock rooster who is 3 years old and he has 2 hens one black astralorp and a barred rock all of them are very tame. If I'm in the garden working they are at my side eating worms as I dig at the weeds. Anytime they think I'm digging, they come running to see what I'm up to. I love chickens! Okay, I love animals!!!

Come again and check on the peeps and their growing process.


Farm Chick Paula said...

Oh Mel... I've missed you so much!!! You can't be gone like this again- I've been worried sick! LOL
I LOVE the babies!!! Don't you just love listening to their little contented peeping... it's music to my ears..*sigh*...
Keep those pictures coming! And for heaven's sake, don't FALL OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH anymore! LOL

cindee said...

Sad you lost one but that is still really good to have that many shipped to you and survive. i am not sure on the rabbit with the chickens thing. I always keep our chickens separate. We have never had rabbits though. They might peck the rabbits. The two roosters were dumped on the side of the road so I caught them and brought them home. So far they are not fighting but if they do they will have to find a new home. I just wanted to give them a chance. Usually I don't have roosters because they are mean and attack me. They get very territorial I guess of their "girlfriends" So we shall see. They are still young guys. My girls are always ready to dig in the dirt too. They love anything that I love all animals too(-: I will be back to check on the babies!! Have fun!!!

Mel said...

HI Paula, Oh, it's so good to hear from you! I'm sorry, I have not been on blogging but, promise to be on more often from now on...

I have more pictures of the babies; they've been ours for a week and one day, stop over for a visit, as they say; "The Sidewalk To A Friends House Is Never Long!"

Mel said...

Hello again Cindee,

Oh, how sad, to think someone could, or would, drop off roosters on the side of the road. The best part is that someone like you came along an rescued them. God Bless You!

We have a barred rock rooster and his personality is wonderful. He is 3 years old and very tame, he even allows us to pick him up. Now we've had Rhode Island Red roosters and they were mean, or at least ours was. They would attack anyone that walked by them even my little grandson.

I hope the Araucanas will be gentle in nature as I ordered them as straight runs, so could end up with a rooster. (They lay colored eggs and are known as the easte egg layers)

Well, the horses are due for their nightly care, catch you again on blog.

cindee said...

Hi Mel,
We have 6 aracauna hens and they lay blue and green eggs. They are really good layers and everyone loves the eggs!!!! The roosters we have so far are friendly. We have had ones though that attacked anyone too. They didn't even make good soup. LOL