Saturday, April 12

Still alive

Hello to all my bloggers buds,

I started my new job as a caregiver on Tuesday it is alittle different from whatI Am used to or what I thought it would be. This company contracts out for jobs with the disabled, and all sorts of help for people in need of an extra hand. It is probably going to be a temp job as it is high stress one of my clients is elderly and had a stroke, it affected the mind, so they do not remember what they have already said ; for 5 hours you hear the same few sentences repeated over and over. This particular person, realizes this and gets very concerned about what happened that they cannot remember things.

Just thought I'd let you all know why you haven't seen any posts from me in awhile.

Oh, how I miss blogging! But, we have to do things like this in order to keep our heads above the water. We heat with fuel oil, just last Tuesday I had the oil man deliver 150 gallons it cost a small fortune ($533.00) which means when winter comes around again and I have to fill up once a month it will cost us close to $1000.00 each month. We as Americans need to pull together, ask why is it that we agreed to pay such high prices for fuel in the first place? My husband travels to the middle east from time-to-time and usually rents a car; in which, he can fill up over there for 19 cents a gallon. A huge reason why not to let the government get into our business in the first place. Don't agree to socialized medicine, not only will it affect our taxes but, if you need an organ transplant the lists are so long a lot of folks die waiting. Having retired from the military our medical is somewhat simular to socialized medicine as they choose your primary care provider (doctor) and they are understaffed so when you need to visit your doctor you have about 5 minutes to tell them what is going on, (you spend more time in the waiting room) with tons of others. This election is a tough one, "pay close attention to our candidates, choose wisely." When a new president takes over let us not forget what is already laid out on their desks for them. It is easy to tell us what they promise to change, however, they have to pick up where the last one left off... For me, I will choose the one that seems most human, down to earth, yet strong enough to hold up his end of the bargain. We are getting close folks, use your heads and not your hearts~


Jaderocks said...

I have missed your blogs but I know what it is like trying to keep afloat. It sounds like your line of work can be very stressful. We heat with propane and our house is old and drafty. We try everything we can to keep costs down but it doesn't matter the price per gallon is outrageous. I agree with you that something needs done and it does not involve more government interference. Socialized medicine is not the answer. We have friends who have it and said many people die or get sicker waiting for treatment. Just because you get into see the doctor does not mean you will be getting what you need. We do need to choose the next person very carefully. I'm not all that thrilled about any of them. Have a great weekend.

BittersweetPunkin said...

Oh my goodness!! We had oil many years ago when we lived in New England and I remember it was only .98 a gallon! Yikes! I had no idea.....I totally agree with you.

Congrats and good luck in your new position...don't let the stress get to you.

Farm Chick Paula said...

Whew, I was getting worried! But I understand- you have more important things going on right now. That doesn't mean I like not hearing from you, though!
LOL :)
You take care on your new job, my friend.

Vickie said...

Hey Cuz,

Finally getting things settled back down and have updated by blog with a few of Jene`'s pictures. She had a blast!

I hope your new job works out well and isn't too stressful. That kind of work is tough on the heart and it takes a special person that can do it or even attempt to do it. The people you are helping are blessed to have you.

Love Ya :)