Tuesday, April 15

Peeps coming Friday

Our local TSC is expecting peeps on Friday, I'm so excited. I thought for the first time, I would mail order peeps, however, there must have been a lot of requests. I wanted to order a few Buff Cochins, Buff Orpintons, Black Australorps, and some Pheonix but, all those I chose couldn't be delivered until sometime in May. I like getting them early enough to start the egg production before the cold weather sets in and slows thing down.
If I'd ordered them via mail I'd have to get 25 as a minimum at TSC, I can get anywhere from 6 on. I'm thinking at least 10 maybe 12 in case some of them don't make it or if I get as many roosters this year as we've gotten in the past that will give us food and eggs. What do you people do with old chickens that don't lay anymore and old roosters? We've had these for 3 years and don't think they'd be good eating (not that we could) they've become pets pretty much.
We were new at chickens 3 years ago and have learned roosters are best (for food) at about 4 months old. We also became attatched to our "beautiful" rooster and always thought he'd win 1st place if we entered him at the state fair. He is a Barred Rock, so friendly and just a gorgeous fellow with every feather perfect. That is not a good picture of him, the good ones are on our old computer that crashed, bummer!
I'll be sure to get some pictures of the peeps and post them Friday.
Ta Ta for now


Farm Chick Paula said...

Yay! I'm so excited for you, Mel! I hope plenty of pictures are on the way once they arrive...
As far as the older hens... I know what you mean; I can't eat them ( not that they would be any good) but I hate to keep feeding them. I usually turn mine "out"- meaning I let them free range all the time. (I can't do this with my good hens...something always gets them, so I usually turn them out for a few hours in the evenings.) But I let the older hens fend for themselves, and lock them up only at night. That way, if something gets one of them, at least she died happily roaming around!

Jaderocks said...

I can't believe the things we have in common. We ordered chicks from TSC too. My son has been asking for chickens ever since we moved into this house in the country(Oct 2006)
He also wanted goats so I'm sure he will be hounding us for those later. We had chickens when we lived out in the country (1987-96) before our trek to town (1996-2006). Hubby is not that thrilled about the adventure but J.T. and I are. I like the picture of your rooster he is very handsome. Barred Rock is one of my favorites.
I'll let you know how our chicks are doing too.