Monday, March 31

Freezing rain and snow, where's spring?

This is Niles at 10 years old ( you'd never know it!)

Woke up this morning to the sounds of rain hitting the metal roof. Buster wanted out (this is at 5:45am) that is our lab mix, and I thought of our cat; Niles who went out prior to us going to bed last night. Poor kitty, all wet and freezing most likely hiding under one of the cars for shelter. When hubby came downstairs about an hour later I asked him about Niles and he informed me that Niles followed him into the barn last night at chore time (silly me) should have known... I'm for sure over protective of my animals.

Today, will be a great day to finish priming my laundry room cabinets. We are trying a new technique (new to us) antiquing. We are ruffing the edges of the doors and cupboards and applying jel-stain to ruff edges making them look older. I love it! I have been browsing the net for vintage hardware and have some picked out but, will have to see how many is needed and rather I can afford them. Stuff like that is just hard to come by anymore.

The floaties in the air (dust) as you can see, look closely now hubby is sanding.

The time has come, where I Am called to the barn to feed & clean our critters. They will be staying in today with this cold rain, Bah humbug!

Ta ta for now


Jaderocks said...

Niles is a smart cat. Kitty knew better than to get caught out in the cold rain. When the dust is flying it means the work is getting done. I can't wait to see the cabinets with the antiquing done on them. I really don't think you can be to overprotective of your lovely pets, can you? they depend on us for everything and we gave them our word that we would take care of them. At least, that's how I see it.

Farm Chick Paula said...

Bless you heart, honey...I know Spring will just HAVE to come your way one day!
It's a mild 50 degrees here, but the sheep will stay in today because it's raining here, too.
Can't wait to see the finished laundry room!

Vickie said...

Niles looks just like Blue! They could be brothers. lol It rained here also today and I am not going to complain about it because we still need more to get out of this drought. But I am going to complain on how cold it is! Everyone is sniffing here we have days that are almost 80 and then go to days that can't seem to make it out of the 40's. I'm ready for the warm weather to stay!

I guess I had better get moving Colin still has to read yet and I need to check on what Jene` is packing. The last time I went in there she had her suitcase over flowing and had to remind her that it cost extra if it's over 50 lbs. and that she is only going to be gone 6 days.

Love Ya Cuz :)

BittersweetPunkin said...

My goodness...your day starts early....

we have had sleety and snow for the past few's sure not like Spring here...