Friday, April 18

All sold out of peeps

What a bummer, went to TSC to buy our little peeps and they have sold out. Expect more in but state that they have been flying out of the store. In years past, they have had leftovers that were hard to sell, must be a sign of the times ahead. I promise to post pictures when I do get ours in. Hubby has been working real hard to move a shed so that we can accomadate a larger number of hens. Our old hen house will be made over to house rabbits, one of which will be our granddaughters pet. I'm hoping for a few lambs as well (something I have always wanted) but know little about. So long for now the weather is so pretty I just want to be outside today. Ta ta for now my friends.


Farm Chick Paula said...

Rats, that is a bummer. Maybe you can order some directly from Murray McMurray?

Mel said...

Mrs. Paula,
Good morning my friend! ;) Welcome, have a seat and a cup of coffee while we visit.

I have my "Hobby Farm" magazine next to me. I'm going to search some of the other sites like Welp hatchery, Cackle Hatchery etc. We were going to place an order through TSC but the lady on the other end of the phone said; "the man just walked out and she could not ask him." That's when I decided okay we will just do this ourselves, and have a much bigger say in what breeds to chose.

Our old hens are still laying eggs! They are 3 years old and lay an egg a day. With only two hens we get (on average) 2 eggs per day. "Sweet"

With the warmer temperatures, the chickens and rooster are out and about. They follow us whenever we laeve the barn with a rake or shovel, they love the grubs, and worms. I love chickens they each have their own cuteness levels. Okay, back to work we must go, it was a pleasure talking to you today, until next time, Happy Farming!

Jaderocks said...

We are still waiting for our chicks to be delivered directly to us and we ordered them April 5. I'll tell the hatchery to just send me the eggs I'll just hatch them myself I'm tired of waiting.( I guess I should rethink that, sitting on a nest of eggs might make it hard to sleep or go to work. Okay I guess I'll wait. Good luck with your peeps.

Jaderocks said...

Hi Mel
Iv've been tagged and now you're it
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