Wednesday, March 12

Forgive me, as I know not what I'm doing "Yet" !

A few people have left me comments but I'm so new at blogging I'm not sure what the proper procedure is to respond to those comments. Do I come back to your blog, if so, please remember to leave me your addresses. Or, perhaps you did, and me being a little blonde these days LOL misplaced it... I welcome all of you with open arms, come on over anytime, and ask that you be a little patient while I work through the kinks... Thank you

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lindanuts said...

It can be done either way. The thing is to pick your style and stick to it. Some folks comment back on their own comment page. Others-that would include me-go to the comments author's pages and comment there. When someone leaves a comment, you just click on their name and it takes you to their profile and you can click on their blog name there. Then you can add it to your favorites--or not.
Hope this is helpful.