Wednesday, March 12

Danny & Chickens here on the funny farm, hehe haha

This is a picture taken last summer of our grandson, Dan who loves to sit and chat with the chickens. Dan will wander off; many of times you'll hear him speaking ever so softly to our flock of chicks, it's so adorable to just stand back and listen to him. He grabs a handful o chicken food, sits on the ground, waits for them to waddle over, so he can feed them by hand. We have a barred rock rooster (very easy going) named him Mr. Roo, we have a barred rock hen, and a black sexlink hen, all the others have been chomped by neighboring dogs. We are getting ready to order more in a few weeks, haven't yet decided our assortment, however, there will be a few of the same as all our chickens and rooster are extremely tame. W ehad a few Rhode Island reds, they were mean little things, used to attack our farrier (horse hoof trimmer) everytime he came for our horses. Black & red sexlinks are really good egg layers of brown eggs, I used to take some to my clients, and they loved those fresh chicken eggs, couldn't wait to get more... I have found, that elderly people can definately tell the difference as far as taste of fresh eggs. I cooked breakfast for one of my clients; daily and if she had a fill-in caregiver, she tended to get upset if they could not cook up a Melanie egg. Took me awhile to figure out why the others couldn't cook an egg, often times this particular lady would ask them to throw the cooked egg out as she didn't like it. When I fry an egg over easy, during the last few seconds I add a tad of water to the pan, cover and let steam while I get the plate. This has become known as the "Melanie egg!"


lindanuts said...

We have the same taste! We cannot eat eggs from the 'store'.
Thanks for your comment on my site. I am amazed. I just put this site up and haven't even put out the address. Glad you found me!!!!
I'm looking forward to your blog. I added you to my favorites!

Stacey said...

Hi Mel~

thanks for stopping by abd saying hi! Where in NY are you? There is nothing better than farm fresh eggs or anything for that matter! I just love listening to the hens talk to each other, they crack me up!

Farm Chick said...

Does Danny call them by name? My cousin's little boy asks about all my animals by's SOOO cute. I can't wait until you new hatchlings arrive!