Tuesday, March 11

The Globe-Of-Warming

Yes, it's true, here in the northcountry , there is a big bright globe in the sky. It's the Globe-of-warming! We receive a lot of overcast days during our winter months, so this is a very warm welcome. Oh, how I hope, spring will arrive shortly, I have all my seeds sorted veggies, herbs, flowers also; excited to dig my fingers deep into the soil a drop them in. Waiting and watching to see if my Cannas survived the harsh weather this winter, as someone I know, (not going to mention who) just nevermind; was to lazy to dig them up during the fall. The rhubarb will need to be divided as soon as the soil is workable, (sure the chickens will be right there to help) as they usually follow me around the gardens. They love to stand by and grab anything that moves in the dirt, like grubs, ants, earth worms, night crawlers, etc. and some things that don't move, like corn on the cob once the silk starts to appear. They have been known to steal my mato's (short for tom-atoes) swiss chard, cucumbers, you name it, they've ate it. My chickens really are "organically grown". We will be ordering more pullets in approximately 4 weeks to add to our clan. We've lost quite a few over the last 2 years, on count of neighbors dogs. Our lab mix is not a threat to the chickens as he has become use to them wandering about all summer long. Not to mention, he has an underground fence that limits his range, and I think the chickens know this. They will waddle away with the Rooster taking up the rear making a racket that seems to make the dog lose interest in them. Is spring fever setting in, or what?


Farm Chick said...

Ahhh...sounds like home to me! I'm ready to start my planting, too!

Farm Chick said...

Me again.. I forgot to ask- what breed of hens did you order? We tried some different breeds last year...Black Australorps and Silver-Laced Wyandottes.