Tuesday, May 3

Crafting Idea

What an awesome idea, and how ironic that it fits my background perfectly!

This idea could not have come on a better day, at a better time... Thanks Vick, I'm so tickled, I could squeeze ya... I mean hug ya! *LOL*

The rains just keep coming, we have had flooding in our area, with rivers overflowing their banks in several places. News forecasts even more rain throughtout the week, we're very fortunate ourselves, to live on higher grounds, were it is soggy and muddy, but suffer none from the deep waters.

This project will take my mind away from the gloomy days ahead... Please, join in on the fun, it is easy peasy~ and inexpensive.

Just hop on over to http://www.u-createcrafts.com/ "Create With Me" (posted on May 2, 2011) see what the rave is all about, hope to see some of your ideas posted.


Vickie said...

Hey, I knew you would love that when I saw it. Make you one then if you like it make both the girls one and Autie and put them up for presents.

The two frames I have out to do something with I think are way too big for this project. I know I have other frames laying around that need to be put to good use.

OH MY I just had a brainstorm that you will probably like. I mean it just popped right into my head!!! Keep your eggshells and wash them until you have enough to glue onto the frame. Then spray paint it whatever color. I mean it would be totally cool with the chicken wire. I know how I'm going to make one of them. lol

Love ya Cuz :)

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

I love this idea! I am definitely using this one!

Paula said...

Thanks for the link, Mel~ I'll have to check it out!
Try to stay dry, my friend!