Monday, January 24

You Never Know What Your Going To Encounter... Even In Sub Zero Weather

I'm wondering where did all that global warming get off to....

Can you believe... -35*F Brrr!!!! That's exactly what we woke up to this morning, not to mention a sick hubby. It's rare that he gets sick enough to lay around, and even rarer still that he'd volunteer to go see the doctor. Was put on some antibiotics for a bacterial infection and told to stay out of work until Thursday.... Yikes!

Pray for me my friends that I can stay well through all this.

Today, while hubby was at the doctors, I decided; to brave the artic air and pick up a few items at Aldi's. When I went to start my Subi- Ruby she was cold and not all that crazy about starting up, however, after a few turns of the key she rumbled to a start. After she was warm we headed out the driveway, my cell phone rang and our youngest daughter and granddaughter wanted to go with me, just short of turning the corner, I see an object in the road, at first glance it appeared as a clump of old dirty snow "or something" as I drive by slowly; very slowly, it'a a cat... Laying at the edge of the road head down nose nearly touching the frozen snow beneath him. At this time, I'm talking to hubby who had just pulled into the clinic but called me before going in. I cut his conversation off when I screamed "There's a cat half frozen laying in the road" I jump out of the car, scoop it up place it in the trunk, then go back to a house near by, knock on their door, no answer. I phone my vet, she said bring it home, place it in your laundryroom (warmest room in our house) it needs to warm up asap. So, I did bring it home, she is starting to stir around in the large cage I provided her, with a litter box, water, food and soft blankets. She used up so much energy just trying to keep her

self from freezing to death (which she was real close when I got to her) that she is just tired out.

This is her about 3 hours after I got her here, she was very hypothermic and shivering.

She has been moving around within this bigger cage, just a little here and there. She needs lots of rest and hopefully by morning she will be drinking and eating. If it is warmer tomorrow, I will be trying to find her owners. I'm wondering if she just slipped out the door without them noticing her. She is well fed, declawed, and her coat is shiny and healthy. I'm praying she wasn't given to a family who has decided they don't want to keep her and put her out in the cold.

At any rate, she is in a warm loving house where she will stay until she is 100% back to normal.


Kritter Keeper at Farm Tails said...

omg! that poor poor little kitty! i despise the humans who did not take optimum care for her and i do hope she just slipped out the door but i fear the worst as the economy is dismal and so many move away leaving their pets. i sure hope your hubby improves right away! bacterial infections are no fun. what a miracle that you found her. i wish you could keep her inside with you for the remainder of her life. she deserves the best and has suffered so much!

Scrappy quilter said...

OMG!! We see that a lot here, where people often just leave them outside with no thought of the consequences. Hopefully she will be okay.

Mel said...

Hello ladies,

Kitty is resting in her crate, still very lathargic.

I'm almost certain, she has a loving home somewhere, like I said; she has been declawed, she's a hefty cat which indicates her diet is healthy, her hair reflects that she is properly cared for. I will make up fliers today, and hope to find her rightful owners.

I cannot keep her, as I already have 3 cats of my own, but will if need be find a quilified kitty parent.

Will keep you all posted...

Hubby, still down and out, doctor says should be feeling better by Thursday. I hope so... don't like it when he is so sick.

Thanks for your concerns and for stopping over for a visit.

Blessings, Mel

Country Whispers said...

Poor Kitty!
And poor hubby!
Hope all are feeling better soon!

Paula said...

Awwww.... poor little kitty! I'm so glad you saw her, Mel... you probably saved her life. Fingers crossed she recovers quickly and you can find her home.... she is very pretty.
Praying for your hubby too- hope he feels better soon and you don't get sick!

Farmchick said...

Poor glad you found her when you did. We are used to those kinds of temps here...but it's no fun...especially if you have chores outside!! We have had temps in the 30's thiw week but they are going to drop again...sunday the high is to be -10 ...Hope you can stop by for a visit. :)

Kathleen From Eggs In My Pocket said...

Poor kitty! Good thing you found her. I hope your can find her owners. Stay warm and well! blessings,Kathleen

Carmen The Olde FarmHouse Road said...

Oh that poor precious little kitty! I am sooo glad you rescued her and may God bless and heal her. Poor thing. Good thing she has been well fed and healthy prior or she may not have been able to make it through what she did. Thanks so much for rescuing the precious little thing!