Monday, January 31

Please Lord... Let Us Keep Our Power

Big snow storm headed for the East coast, starting tomorrow afternoon and into Wednesday.
Now, just when you start getting itchy for spring, in hopes the snow will melt off early and we can drag our garden tools out of there winter storage areas.... what is this! We are not in the North Pole, where is global warming when you need it?

Well, all we can do is brace ourselves, and pray for the best.

Stay safe and in where it is warm.



Country Whispers said...

We're hoping we stay on the rainy side.
I'd even take the snow but I don't want the ice.
Stay warm!

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

it has snowed--about an inch. then sleet for the last 6 hours. they say we'll have up to 20" over the next couple days. I'll believe it when I see it. we haven't seen that much snow in years.
I'm praying you don't lose power--or us either!
glad I didn't dig out the rake....

Cheryl Ann said...

Please be safe and warm!

Scrappy quilter said...

Stay safe!! Hugs

Kelle said...

Amen! Although we're in MT and expect this sort of weather( not the ice storms, we don't get those) it's still hard,after a few weeks of our temps. being well into the 40F's and we woke this morning to -18 with added windchill factor of -35F. It's no fun and particularly hard on the stock.

Snuggle down, stay warm, feed, water and bed the stock well and pray is about all we can do.
Blessing from,
The Never Done Farm

Mel said...

Hello Ladies,
woke up at 5 when the school automated system called my cell to tell me no school... We are in the midst of the storm, all ready to handle whatever comes.

I'll be thinking of you all and praying we all stay warm and power stays on.


Paula said...

Praying for you, dear friend~ this one missed us for a change!