Thursday, July 22

What's been happening on our farm

A happy Hubsy, seen here unloading his tractor (we have dreamed of this day, since we moved onto this farm 7 yrs ago) and a beautiful day to boot.
Later that day, we just had the itch to try her out, so here hubsy is breaking through brush and moving dirt to make a road to another 5 acres across a swamp/an old beavers pond; which we have not been able to get to unless we crossed over the beavers dam. ( will post pictures of that later down the road)

While hubsy is busy with his new "baby" you can see I have other hings in mind.... Like these raspberries.

For a snack, I made everyone raspberry and blueberry parfaits... Yummzie!

As I pick at these red sweet and tasty berries, I picked my way right over to this... a little birds nest. Hmm, must be they have moved on, cause there was no one home.

Last evening, as hubsy and I headed back to the house, a layer of fog started to form over the fields, about a half hour after sunset, the moon was rising above the barn; over the trees. What a glorious site (just love this photo) may become a photo for our wall.

It appears that we are farmers.

Rusty, ( now approaching a month old) chick has a little friend.
Born to us on the 20th, this is Itty Bitty...
I think, we have a real mini chick, I have never seen a runt chick before (only one that hatched out of 8 eggs) she is so cute...
Buddiebb, Buddiebb, Buddiebb, that's it folks.


Picket said...

Hey girl...I am so happy for you and the family getting your new 'toy'. That would be my kind of excitement! lol Love the new little itty bitty chick..ohhh wish I could hold one! I envy you blazing a 'trail' to a beaver pond!!!! lol We'd make great with the baby chicks and tractor rides and me squealing with joy at every little adventure! lol Thanks for coming by sweetie...hold a baby chick for me and have a great weekend! ~Picket~

Kathleen From Eggs In My Pocket said...

I am looking forward to the day when we can finally get a tractor. Love the baby chick! blessings,Kathleen

Farm Chick Paula said...

Wow! NICE!! I know your hubby is thrilled with his new toy, Mel! You might not see much of him now- that's the way it was when my hubby got his tractor- he would disappear for hours!
Itty Bitty is so cute- and I love the picture of your farm.

I am Setsuna said...

I love the pictures. . have always had my eye out for lush greens. . haha. . tnx for sharing. .