Friday, April 9

Time to turn the heat back ~ UP

Hello my friends,
Yesterday, was a perfectly warm and sunny day~ I skipped cleaning inside the house to put screens back in the windows, fix the fencing around the planter beds, cleaned up an old bird house, pruned a lilac bush, just whatever I could get into outside.

Something happened in the night time~ It is so cold here today, that even the chickens are looking for a warm spot. Shenae, has chosen the poop wagon in the stable area (smart girl) although somewhat stinky, she is more than happy to risk it...

Others, flock together in the aisle, until they spot "the food lady" but wait; she doesn't have food at all, she only has a silver object that sprays us with a bright lite. What is it Velma, can you tell, why is she pointing that thing at us? Barney, you're the man, get your booty up here and check it out.

Ugh, ladies can be; so bossy, do you know what it took to smooth Shenae~Nae over, just to get up on this poop wagon, just to spot some lady with a silver flashy thingy... nag, nag, nag...

A selected few, chose to remain in their beds in the chicken condo...

Are you looking at me?

This is our broody hen, who has been laying on eggs all winter, but "still" is not a mother. What is up with that?

I'm so hopeful for babies, here on our very own farm. Just imagine, those fluffy little, soft little babies.

Wonder what a Buff Orpington and a New Hampshire red would look like, or a Buff Orpington and a Delaware, or Buff Orpington and a Araucana.

For all those lucky enough to be foster parents to little chicks, please pray for us, or for little Mrs. Moody, to make us proud of the fact she is "Broody."




Gail said...

What a nice bunch of ladies you have. The brood hen seems content so your wish may come true.

Debi said...

tcute story...I love the way you write

Mel said...

Hello Ladies,
Thanks for coming by for a visit, it was so nice to have your company.

Hobby farming is the best, so for me, it's easy to write about the critters.

Plus, I have lots and lots of inspiration, through my blogging friends; I soooo "love" blogging & all those I have met on blog.

Love you guys!


Farm Chick Paula said...

Oh Mel- your girls are so pretty! Even if they are a little broody and cranky...
We had a little cold snap last week after it had been sunny and warm and our critters didn't like it either... I had already sheared most of the sheep and they were NOT happy campers that their wool sweaters were gone! LOL

Mel said...

Hi Paula,

Brr, those poor babies (sheep) I know just how they feel... Going down to 40 something here for tomorrow and calling for snow Saturday.

I'm sure spring or even an early summer, is not far off.

Have a great weekend,