Tuesday, March 9

It's The Talk of The Town

Bawk~ Bawk, Cluck~Cluck... hey ya, chickies & you too Mr. Rooster just look at that disk in the sky & feel the warm air; ahhh. Don't mind me, I'm just gonna stand right here in the doorway, and soak up some much needed heat from that thang, after all, my feathers are a tad bit faded.

Hey, you, chickie with the fading feathers... I'ma thinking of catching some rays on top of this blocky thing, but let me ask ya somtin; if I stand here, like so, does it make me look fat?

Not at all, dear, not at all... now just relax and enjoy the spring like weather.

Hello, to all my friendly bloggers, I have missed you all very, very, very, very, very, much, and want to thank each and every one of you for not deleting me from your blogs, as well as stopping in to visit while I've been away from my page.

I won't go into all the details, but will tell you, that over the last 3 months, we were put to the test. Oh, and how wonderful it is to have "faith" in our God, as without it; we never would have gotten through this horrible ordeal.

Also, would like to thank all our local friends for standing by us and praying for our family, we are so blessed to have you all in our lives.
Thank you for all your help & support~ XOXO

Awhile ago, I remember seeing a phrase that went something like this~

Lord, when the devil comes knocking at my door, would you get it for me?

Thank you Lord, for all your blessings.

As things are starting to round the bend~ I will be back with you all shortly.

I love you guys,
Mel & Family


QuiltedSimple said...

So good to see you back! And yes, isn't this spring sunshine wonderful? It's 52 out there right now, and I so wish I were outside instead of inside working for another 40 MINUTES. Soon enough we'll be wishing that it were cooler.....

Rebecca of Sunny Morning Farm said...

So happy to have you back! God is good!! His beautiful sunshine is beaming down on me today too!! My chickies are very happy since it's the first day they have been able to go out in forever! They don't know what to do with themselves. One hen just levatated in place about a foot off the ground for a good bit. I think she forgot how to fly and was scared to run!!!


Picket said...

Hey you!!!! Your post with the chickens always touches me so deep in my spirit...I love this! lol Girl I am so sorry to hear you have been going thru such a hard time...I pray as you round that bend in the road that your heart feels lighter and your faith grows stronger...I pray that the Lord breath on you and that blessings begin to overtake you and that all your sorrow is turned to joy and every darkness is turned into light and that God will move for you exceedingly and abundantly above anything that you could ever think or imagine..I love you sweetie and I know Gow will show Himself strong on your behalf! Take care and keep posting those chickens! lol ~Picket~

Vickie said...

Hey Cuz, I'm so happy to hear things are getting better. Brighter days are ahead for you in more ways than one. It won't be long before these past few months will be nothing but a memory and it won't be long before you start seeing the trees bud and sprigs of grass turning green. BTW it was in the low 70's here today!!!! And I'm doing my best to blow it up your way. lol

Love Ya Cuz :)

Eggs In My Pocket / Yesteryear Embroideries said...

Good to see you back and at a happier place in your life! Love the saying! blessings,Kathleen

Reyna said...

Love your blog-followed!
If you get a chance pass by my blog and follow!